Help with Hydroponics


I have three healthy plants growing in a hydroponics system purchased from one of your affiliates. The chamber is quite small, so I only planted three instead of six plants. 6 weeks later, now into a 12hour day and night cycle and supplied nutrients, I am still not into flowering stage. Plants are too tall and reaching up to the LED light, so I pruned them back a bit. HELP! Don’t want to start over if I don’t need too. Can these plants be salvaged?


it usually takes a couple weeks for them to switch completely over to flower… some pics would help… you can LST (low stress training) the plants to make up for lack of space to some degree.


Start tieing branches and tops down now , asap before they harden off and stiffin up , that’s when everything starts to snap instead of bending…



Hi E, I think we may have the same set up. I used thin craft wire to fold back the large leaves and secure them to the stalk. I also took 2 clones from the bottom of the plant (mine were already flowering and are back in the box already) Think about doing that now for your next grow. My box got very crowded also and I think that effected my yield (my first time growing, learned a lot). Trim from the bottom up if needed. Are you using co2?