Help with high ppm readings

Hi everyone this is my second year last year I never had anything so I have treated. Myself to a ph pen and a tds meter I have not feed yet but my ppm is over 1500 and ph is 6.8 I have just put 1.5 litres of water through to flush it im thinking it something to do with soil im going to leave it for 20 mins or so and run another 1.5 litre through it anything else I can do to lower the ppms
Any help appreciated

using a mix of coco and compost

Just run another 1.5 litres and the ppm has come down to 1100 should I leave it now or put another 1.5 litre through it

I’d cut clones, put them in either soil or coco/perlite, and start over.

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@first-timer welcome to the group, you’ll find an abundance of help here. Can you get an EC reading (electrical conductivity)?

Soil is hot when you use it especially composted ones! Try to layer it from light nutrients - full nutrients in your mediums so your plant can grow into it. Your flushing out nutrients that would get you to flower by doing this.

Layering properly will help long term.

Strongest products with most nutrients on the bottom

With weakest products on the top layer of the pots

Use perlite to help create drainage with any medium your using.

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This was only a bagseed I thought I would give a go I have a cheese auto in the same stuff and it looks a lot happier

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@OGIncognito the ec reading came back at 3003 not sure if thats good or bad I’ve only used it for ppm

@PharmerBob I will remember that for my next auto that I start not sure if I want to do another cheese or wedding cake

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That’s fine, but coco coir and compost is a problematic combination.

Coco is used in small amounts in bagged soil mixes, where it adds natural water-retention capacity. Compost isn’t soil, and instead it’s an amendment that provides nutrients and can improve clay soils. But combining coir and compost is only going to become more problematic as you go on.

If you want to use soil, use a bagged soil mix like happy frog, and when you get ready to uppot, fill the difference with ocean forest. Or use coir and perlite with a nutrient line.

You can’t fix the situation you’re in without taking the plant out of this mixture and putting it in a proper one, which is why my advice is to clone.


Thank you @KeystoneCops I’m in the UK so cannot get hold of happy frog here but I will do some research in to a suitable soil I can get hold of here

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1500 ppm is not a big deal in a medium containing compost. Did you mix the two together or did you buy it that way? It looks like it could use some perlite to lighten it up to allow air


Yeah, that’s super high, early age vegging I keep around .8-.1.0 and gradually increase the nutrients. I mix 1/2 of the recommended until I see how the plant is responding. @PharmerBob and @KeystoneCops are very knowledgeable and have helped me figure things out. You’re in great hands with these 2!

I mixed them together @beardless but from what I have been reading the compost I put in is not great for cannabis so definitely going to change it
I did my first grow last year with nothing and did not have any problems at this stage
I thing I fit in to the category
#allthegearnoidea lol

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No shame or embarrassment. We all go through it unless you have a mentor next to you guiding you through it. As you gain experience and confidence then you (I) think about trying this or thinking this will work. Sometimes it does, other times it could have been better. Soils and growing medium and all the different components and forms is a tough nut to crack. The ability for the roots to breath and moisture retention are important factors to take into account. Then, is the medium going to feed the plants, am I going to have to supply 100% of the nutrients, or is it somewhere in between.
I am one that can’t leave well enough alone. I have run the gamut. Straight out of the bag, add a little of this, how about adding coco, this compost really looks nice. etc etc. Now I am trying straight coco with perlite and Jacks 3-2-1. Next up is peat with vermiculite and a couple of necessary additives and Jacks 3-2-1 formula.
For a reference search the forum for garrigan65 soil recipes. They served as a baseline for me as to what works together and quantities.
By the way, some of my hot soil mixes would run close to 3000 ppm.
Good luck. Keep asking questions


Well said!

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