Help with Hempy growing

Anyone doing the Hempy method of growing? I changed over from outdoor growing to DWC indoor a couple years ago. Had mix results, and lot of time and cost. I have now changed over to Hempy growing. So far I have had two good grows, nice bud’s real good smoke, less time and cost. Looking for any info. about this type of grow.


I’m not familiar with this method. I’ll be following to learn more also.

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Looks like no one here does hempy growing.

Hempy grow is a from of soilless growing using a 3-5gal containers ( most use plastic) with Coco and Vermiculite mix. I am using grow bags. I may try using a DWC bucket to see if it does any better. But so far the grow bags are doing fine.

What I am look for is suggestions on what nut’s to use. Right now I am using General Hydro flora comb nut’s. Most consider hempy a type of DWC.

Right now I am on my second grow that is about 2wk’s form harvest. I have a third set ready to go in there place and a 4th set 2 weeks old.

One other thing I like to know is, using Coco what is ok for PH runoff. I feed with it at 5.8 - 6.2. Runoff is reading 4.8-5.3. I have flushed mix before planting in them, to get reading of around 6.0. Plants look good and for growing in a small tent the amount of bud and a vary good smoke, I see no issues.

Any suggestion are welcome.

My setup
5gal. grow bags
Auto Flower seeds
General Hydro Comb Nut’s / General Organics go box
Note: I have notice I get a little better yield with GO nut’s, also as per make no need to check PH.

I know this is old but Hempy rock I use 100% perlite and any hydro nute will work although general hydroponics trio is most Hempy style growers choose