Help with hay smell

How come some of my finished product is great but 2 of my plants have a hay smell to them even after curing? What causes this?

Welcome back may I ask how long was your drying process and what was the temperature.

Yup howd u go about drying? Ur whole finishing process in general has a major effect on terps u have when smoking.

Not overnuting to start with
A solid timely flush, or at least removing nutes in time before harvest
The dry
The cure

All have major effects on end flavor. Describe ur last couple weeks n we’ll help however possible


Out of curiosity do you use boveda packs in your cure jar?

I dried them in a dark room at 70 degrees with low humidity. Dried for slightly over a week then once dried I put them in jars and some turned out amazing but my white widow has the hay smell

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Did u feed nutes til harvest day?

No flushed 2 weeks ahead and just ran water till harvest. It’s not all bad just 2 plants it gives the desired effect just smells like hay in the jar.

Those 2 were much larger than my others and they almost died when I went out of town but I brought them back. I’m thinking maybe that had something to do with it.

Yup. Depending on what almost killed em. Sorry i cant help more. Just spitballing diff things that can effect them.

How often are you burping the jars?

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Dried to fast.

I had that problem. Used a humidifier to raise humidity and make sure they took at least a week.
I went 50%rh on second plants harvest in the drying area and dried in a week and no more hay smells.

Also the plant that got the hay smell did eventually cure and smell great. I burped jars every day for 5 minutes but also used those humidity packs. Bivoda or something.
Just my experience and how i stopped hay smell. Others may have better or easier ways.

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Unfortunately once they are dried n cured there is no turning back time.

The hay or cut grass smell comes from chlorophyll. The plant will naturally break this down on its own during the dry n cure. However, the plant needs time to do this. If the plant dries too fast and it is unable to break down the chlorophyll then the process is stopped and cannot be restarted. If you are lucky enough to catch your plants before they are too dry it can be salvaged.

@Clittle25 A good dry should be under 70 preference towards 60 degrees, and an rh of 55. I would so much say keeping your room at 60 degrees n 60 rh would probably bring your dry time up to 10 days anything over 7 is great. Then a good 3 week cure, burping jars daily first week.
Buy little rh meters from Amazon n keep them in your jars, will help keep you on track.:+1:
Best of luck.
Fyi the grass smell won’t effect potency just flavor, it happened to me once so I used that batch for edibles.