Help with Harvesting

Hi! First time grower here and am racking my brain and could use some expertise… this is AK-47 week 8, it has been flowering for about 4 weeks (it looks about 2 weeks further than the Super Skunk and Sour Diesel planted at the sametime). The tricomes are still clear/white and have not began to turn amber. Should I hang in there and wait? Any insight, tips or tricks are much appreciated! :slight_smile:

As you said the trichomes are clear…wait it out, still has bulking to do.


Sweeeeet! I was sort of thinking the same thing but have no one around me to ask, lol. Thank you for your insight!

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One more question - would you stop nutes and go with just water anytime soon… i see mixed reviews on that.

In a general note, i would feed for about 7 1/2 weeks for flower, then water only for a wk and a half. I like atleast 10 days for the water only part

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10-4 thank you!

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