Help with grown tent supplies

I have a hlg 600Rspec in a 4x4 flower tent… A 300L Bspec in another for veg… Both excellent lights, worth the money compared to what it cost me on my first burples including to run… Deal with extra heat… Etc… You can’t go wrong with HLG.

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So instead of doing my hw I purchased 3 more spider farms for my 4 x 4 tent should I return all four and get a different lighting system? I am not an advanced grower and these $700-1500 light equipment doesn’t work with my wallet lol Also what are the best type & size humidifier, and fans? I purchased ff nutrients growing in coco & ocean ff. Looking at the infinity 6’ in-line but do I need carbon filter? Figured I need greater than 384 cfms so any suggestions? Thanks to all for the input!! I’m moving along slowly but still learning.

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Welcome to the community! if you add one
HlG 260 v2 rspec XL light to your 4x4 space you will be set For about 320 bucks. You can add another one later if you like and also have some flexibility. Happy growing.

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(4) SF1000’s will light up a 4x4 very well and give you a lot of flexibility with your footprint, as you can spread them out and have at different heights if needed. May be a pain in the rear with more hangers, 4 electrical cords, etc.

6” is the right size fan and you will need a carbon filter in flower if you’re growing in the house and exhausting inside. You don’t need it in veg, but as soon as they hit flower the whole room will stink.

What do you think about this one or is there a better one to get?

I have the same one in my Amazon cart right now. You probably won’t need a humidifier until the drying stage, if then. The issue you’ll get most during the grow will be keeping the humidity down, not up. During the seedling stage you need high humidity, but I just wet a towel and hung in the tent. Worked a peach.

I exhaust the tent into the same room the tent is in (10 degrees outside right now). Without a dehumidifier in the room humidity will hit 70%-80%, a veritable swamp. The size dehu you need will depend on how much you water, where you exhaust, how good the HVAC system moves the air, and other factors. I’m watering 4 gallons a day and exhausting into a closed room with crappy HVAC. I need to be able to deal with roughly 30 pints a day, so I have a 50 pint dehu.

I have an HLG 600 Rspec in a 4x4… It is awesome… I went through a similar issue as you when starting out.

I bought one Greengo burple light… It said 1200w… I quickly bought 3 more as I noticed and learned on here that they were not going to give me the results I expected/desired. It was a waste of money.

I have already grown enough great bud for myself now with the 600Rspec that I not only have saved cash vs buying bud… But also the lights have… In my opinion… Paid for themselves… Even though I don’t sell or generally share it…

I am not greedy… Just shy and no friends or family I know I can truly trust… Other than my wife.

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Yes I would have to disagree with haveing 4 sf-1000 light, yes it will give you more flexibility, but you will run into heat issues cause you will need them to be on full power for most of your grow, also think you will have 4 lights hanging and cords, plus room for you exhaust fan and carbon filter. I fell like you will start to run out of space, at 100 dollars a light, ur spending 400 plus, spend 300 and get an HLG, or If you like spider farm and you bought directly from them return the light and get a bigger model. Efficiency is the key you will be burning way more electricity with 4 small light and you will need multiple fans to keep them look, plus keep your environment right. Just my 2 cents

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Thanks for more than cents advice really appreciate! So I wasn’t really sure which lights to get just wanted to start growing and read some comments that spoke highly of them, but to a novice it sound good or maybe I was feeling right. Either way which hlg would you suggest with growing medium coco and ffo soil in a 4 x 4 that will not hurt my pockets but provide a good grow? Would one light make the surface area of a yield limited due to the placement alone? I see your point with the cord issues and requiring more fans with limited space after in-line and filter. Thanks in advance for ANY info This is my Zen & I want to succeed & think I can with this community!

You’re going to have to drop at least $600-700 on lights to fully utilize a 4x4. You can do it in steps, if you’re on a budget, by getting a 260 Rspec for around $300 (make sure you get R, not Bspec) that will do half your tent nicely, more than half ok, but not full tent. Later, add another to fully cover the tent. You could go all-in now with a refurbished Rspec 600 or Rspec 550 for $600. For brand spanking new the price goes to $775.

They seem to frequently run sales with discounts off the list price, and also have discount codes (last one I saw was “dude”). Don’t be afraid to just call and ask for the discount. They have great customer service and will share the info.

I like how you said it’s your Zen, I feel the same way about my garden, its where I can relax, no bad vibes, my first question on lighting because a light to cover that whole area depending on you pocket book it’s going to hurt, so how many plants have you already started would be my first question, and I would advise to go from there, if you only have 2 they a 260xl would work, if you have started 6, then your already fighting a losing battle because you will probably run out of room. I have a 4x4 tent I use a 300 L R spec it I got a refurbished one, I bought last yr on Black Friday sale, I want to say it was under 350$ and that was shipping included, but I only did 3 plants, I live in a state where 5 plants sends my ass strait to jail felony charge so not trying to push my luck. So many plants have you started. I’m not trying to push HLG on anyone I used a spider farm sdf-1000 and I have used the new virparspec xs1500 and they did a good job, but nearly as efficient as my HLG, so how plants u got, and what there age ?

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By the by, were I to do it again I would go with 2 separate 260 Rspecs, so I have the ability to spread them a little further apart.

Some of the models listed (specifically the 260) are kits, rather than assembled units. Assembly is 20 minutes and pretty simple, but are listed in a separate tab than the ready-to-hang ones.

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UPDATE: So I’m trying to return the 4 SF 1000’s and getting the run around. They will not give me a return address to ship them back to holding up my $ However, on the good side took your advice and ordered the HLG 600 R Spec after talking to a great sales guy named Brock he was able to get me a refurbished one (these are only sold by the company) with a first responders discount that allowed me to purchase one. I am so excited!!!


@Sunshine73 Congratulations… Great light!

The hlg uva30 fits nicely on the 600…:grin:… Just saying…

Good luck on the return… Where did you buy them from?

Congrats on the light, funny thing I have ordered from there more then once and Brock has been my guy ever time , they have great customer service, best of luck happy growing

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Now what’s the hlg uva 30 used for? Sorry to sound naive but still learning. The original lights are from Spider Farmer the SF1000 X4 of them. They’re still giving me the run around tho.

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@Sunshine73 The UVA30 is a 2ft UVA LED light bar that attaches to the underside middle of the 600Rspec, amongst others.

UVA and UVB lights, to a lesser extent, are used mainly during the flower cycle to get the plant to increase tricome production in an effort to protect itself. Basically it helps make final buds frostier. However, not necessary.

On the return… It doesn’t hurt to ask for a manager. Good luck. Bad customer service can make things unnecessarily stressful.

Hello hope everyone is well just needed some input on my girls. They are in 5 gal fabric pots with fox farm ocean & coco noir no nutes Day 23 under a hlg 6 r spec. Wondering if they look alright or am I missing something? I’m just getting into the ph & tds reads but not there yet. Am wondering if I’m not watering frequently enough? I usually water every week is that too long in between? I remember reading somewhere that the plants should be allowed to dry out. Also, are they small in size? Growing blue dream and starting granddaddy purps in peat pods. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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@Fiefie920 @BobbyDigital @DrWoo

Based on y’all expertise and me being a novice can you please look @ the pics I posted? Anxious not sure what to expect & wanna make sure I’m on the righteous path lol! Have a blessed day everyone!! Comments much appreciated……:thinking: