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A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve read your entire book, more than once, and nowhere does it indicate the problem when I only get 3 leaves on the plants. I’ve tried to grow them a couple of times, and each time the leaves only produce 3 leaves each. Never do they get to five or seven leaves. Please let me know how I can resolve this.

Strain NA
Soil (used potting soil with perlite and some cleansed rabbit manure)
System NA
nutrient mix used was SuperThrive , a hormone/root enhancer
Sunlight, sometimes took it outside
Humidity is 40% - 60% (Upstate NY short Summer)
No ventilation, but when it was not windy, I opened windows
AC, etc. N

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Nothing is wrong - every seed is different because of genetic’s - you are doing nothing wrong. If I understand your question? At what stage of growth does this happen Seedling stage ?

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I assume you mean the leaves only have 3 fingers? That’s normal for seedlings, how old are your plants? It’s not in the bible as its not really a problem, I think between this forum, and the blog the bible is well and truly super seeded.

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@ClaireILGM I think it’s nearly impossible to successfully cultivate ganja indoors without attention to pH. I suggest for starters you get a $15 pH meter or an aquarium/swimming pool pH kit which is even cheaper
-good luck

Lol @paranorman Claire is one of the support members that post begginer questions here for us to answer, or questions in General for that fact

Yes, I’ve interactive with ‘Claire’ via email in the past

The plants keep burning up, I believe that the NA they answered regarding their pH is the reason.

And in the original post they say they read the grow bible several times and say “nowhere does it indicate the problem”, but the problem is they must have skipped over the pH chapter ?


Yea I’d have to say I agree with you

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Another thing worth mentioning…the grower is using window sunlight for the plants, that just may not be enough direct sun for good, healthy growth.

There are low light plants, herbs (not marijuana😉) and houseplants that do well in a window with a few hours of sun daily.
Cannabis is not that plant…it needs more light to grow, and even more light to flower.


@kabongster, thank you for your input, that was greatly appreciated, and a good piece of information to add


I had one of these last year, sadly I had no males to breed it with, some of the best weed I have ever had, breed that stuff man.

From what I heard this can be the result of people treating seeds with the chemical called Colchicine, the seeds that do survive the chembicals are then bred and that next generation creates the triploid plants like you have.

Colchicine will double the chromosome ploidy, turn a diploid (2n) plant like cannabis into a tetraploid (4n). I wonder how often you breeders do this, cuz the result with other crops are amazing.


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