Help with grow tent setup

Hi everyone, first time posting and first time grower. I’ve decided to grow one, or maybe even two plants, if I can, indoors. I purchased a 3x2x5.5 tent, got seeds on the way, but i actually already germinated some seeds i had laying around to test on. I’ve got an inline fan coming with carbon filter, a static fan, ph test kits, nutrients and happy frog soil. The only thing I’m left with is the light source. I picked up a cheap led from Amazon for my test plant, but I want something that is reliable and well suited for my tent. I was looking at the Mars hydro ts 1000, but I’m not sure if that’s overkill for my tent. I’m also not sure if that light can be used for all cycles of the plants life. It’s all very confusing to be honest.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

“pH test kit” are you referring to the strips? If so, those are highly inaccurate. You need a digital one.

The Amazon burple will get you through early veg, (2 to 3 weeks) I use one.

I can’t speak on the Mars hydro. I went with a 600 w MH/HPS set up.

Are you growing photos or autos?

Your tent height could be an issue. LST, SCROG, Top?


Welcome. I’m new here as well but from what I’ve been told and what I’ve read on here. No light is ever overkill. I have the same sized tent and initially bought a cheap amazon LED light.

After realizing how inadequate it would be I upgraded to a better one

Most of the recommendations were to look into HLG 260xl. Was a bit rich for my current situation but that seems to be the go-to.

Thanks for the replies, guys. I greatly appreciate it. The ph test kit are the liquid drops, but I’m looking at the apera pen right now. As for the type of seeds, I have autos coming because I didn’t want anything too tall. I’m currently doing a lst on a plant I have growing from seeds i found laying around. Not sure what type, but I didn’t want to learn on good seeds I paid for, and thank God I did because I made a few mistakes.

I was looking at the HLG 100 V2 3000K Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light Veg & Bloom. I think this would be a good light for my setup, but now I’m concerned about height. I was thinking I could scrog it to keep the plant low.


You will be happy with that!

Good luck! Happy growing! I grow photos and have 6ft tent, and top my plants, so I don’t fight height issues.

@dbrn32 is the light guru.

I bought a 2x4x5 tent, quickly upgraded after I learned I would have height issues

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I am only new at this as well, but that height might trap you. If you have a 5.5 foot tall tent, you use something like a 5 gallon pot, reduces clear height to 4.5 foot (excl. plants). Use an HM/ HPS and it will have a depth of at least 4" plus the clear height to the canopy - say 20". That leaves you 2.5 foot to grow in - at best. Even with an LED, something slim at 2" deep, clear height might drop to 18" - gets you around 3 foot to grow in - but that isn’t a lot of space. The other bonus of LED is the lack of additional heat load - but that would depend on what your local climate is.

Have fun, no doubt your responses will rack up - and best of luck with your grow!

Ok. I’m going to consider upgrading. I’m going to do a run in this space first to learn on and to make sure I’m not going to drop the hobby. Thanks again. Just need to get a better light source. I think I’m going to go with the HLG. Seems to be prefect for my size tent.

If you’re trying to save a couple $ you may want to look into an Alibaba QB knockoff. My first light was a Budgetled. I wanted more light but didn’t feel like dropping another $350 on one. I had read on other forums that people were having good luck with Meiju lights from Alibaba so I bought one for $170 shipped. 240 watt R-spec QB knockoff. The light has been really good. It comes with all waterproof connecters and enough wire to be able to mount the driver outside of your tent. I did a lux test against the Budget light and both are the same in that respect. Just a suggestion.

Keep in mind, lights are built to cover certain grow sizes, I’d wait to finalize your tent size. Or go with ones you can add another light

I don’t mind spending upwards of 300 for a quality light that is good for not only veg, but also Bloom. This is where I’m getting really confused. I read reviews and people say veg only, bloom only or both. For a new grower this is all very confusing. I’m looking at the hlg and mars leds, but I’m hoping some recommendations come from the pros here on ILGM. Thanks again for all the feedback.

@Zee I don’t believe my length or width is the issue, its my height. I’m at 5.5 feet height right not. I like my 3ft x 2ft size because I plan on only growing 1 plant right now, my concern is the height as I mentioned.

I have similar sized tent, I think mine is 36"x20"x63". My light is custom built, so not really like I can point you where to get one. I could help you build though if that’s an option.

The hlg-100 is too small to flower your space. You are kind of in the middle of typical sized lights. I would probably go with a qb 260 kit for 3x2 and dim it a little.


@dbrn32 I have the exact same sized tent 36x20x63. I’m curious how many plants you grow in that size. Im currently just starting out with 2. My thoughts are that’s probably max.

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I just got it, but I’ll try to keep you posted as I try different stuff. I think 2 plants is pretty good number if starting from seed. I have two in mine and have been ditching colas from them for about a week.