Help with grow setup please

can you please help me i brought this size grow tent so i hook it up with 2 small fans and i tried it out before i start my plants and the temperature is always high like 82 to 88 and the humidity is like 45 and this is not good to put my plant in the tent like this how can i get it how it should be the temperature in this tent i live in new york its around 80 during the day im hearing for vegetatinf flowering it should be only60 to 80 degrees this is what i am using

UFO Led Grow Light, Growstar 150W Full Spectrum Plant Light with High Par Value Cree COB and Switch for Indoor Plants Bloom Flowering and Growing

Size: 24" x 24" x 48"(60cmx60cmx120cm)

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Do you have any ventilation or what type of fans?

And not to burst your bubble but that lights not gonna cut it

Good idea to have a 6 or 8in can fan bringing in air and something to pull it out

Welcome to the community ! run your lights of the night time, lights off day light. flip flop.


I live in Florida. My day temps never below 82f and usually sits at 85. I have seven different strains going. They are doing fine. First two weeks of my grow day tent temps were in the 90’s before I got my ventilation set up. They still grew like weeds.

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thank you for your response, so otherwise its okay even thought its higher then it should be. Hello from new york i am a newbie

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I’m new also, first grow. Google vpd…vapor pressure differential. I used this as a guide on where I want humidity based on this heat I can’t get rid of. Veg hasn’t been an issue. Flowering could be a different story as you can’t keep it as humid. I’m hoping that I can get temps Lower in Sept/October than I can now as this crazy August heat subsides

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Thank you i will do that😁

What light do you suggest i am a newbie firsttime i am going to start with 2 plants.Thank you so much

120 watt diy QB board would be perfect for 2x2 I believe. There’s a diy light thread you can search for. You can buy them plug and play for a bit more…you will have height issues if you plan to flower in that tent unless you seek out short plants and LST on top of that. Need few inches min to hang the light then you can’t let them grow right up to it or they will burn

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Thank you so much😁

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You’re very welcome!

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Hi, I bought a 100w hps, do you think is enough for a 1,5 for 0,6 m?

Welcome @Gpp123 you might want to start your own thread but do you mean 1000w or 100w and please explain a little more have to know as many details as possible to be able to help you my friend

It s a 100w hps bulb I can take a picture if you need, the light is in a tent that has like 1,5 for 0,4 m
I have right now two plants in the tent, since I put this new light I am seeing differences every day