Help with grow please!

This is week 5 of 18 hours of light. They are 8 inches tall. They started in plugs under T5s for 17 days. I transplanted to 1 gallon pots in happy frog. I am using a spider farmer sf 2000. Light has been around 30 in above top of plants and turned up to about 80% power. Temp fluctuates from 70 to 75. Humidity fluctuates from 45 to 50%. Why are they so small? I topped a couple weeks ago at the 4th node.

i would check the runoff pH and maybe crank those lights to 100% and bring them lower.

Good Luck!!

Thanks for the reply, if runoff ph is too high or low what do you do?

I wouldn’t worry about pH out yet, but it would be nice to know what your pH in is. Adjusting pH can be as simple as using GH pH Up/Down in the water before you give it to the plants.

What varietal is this? It looks like a few have been pruned, but not all of them.

Like @NoEzWayOut suggested, lower the light to 24” and see how they respond.

Are you describing your humidity, or your relative humidity? Is the temperature range measured from the air, or the leaf surface?

I thought the soil regulated the PH for a couple weeks? I topped a couple and fimmed a couple. My meter is down on the floor by the plants. 4 are sour diesel, 2 are Skywalker og all feminized. I haven’t pruned any

No problem! Get a pH up/down kit and an eyedropper and you can adjust accordingly the next watering. Try to get it close to 6.0 if possible. Bringing the lights maybe 6-12inches closer should help stimulate some more photosynthesis as well. Your tent temps seem perfectly suitable for that as well.

Happy growing!

The two in the middle look pruned to me, but obviously you know the plants better than anyone.

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It’s just weird they look healthy but they are very small, thanks again!

Is there a chance they are getting too much light, that’s why they are not stretching?

I think it’s unlikely that you’re providing too much light. If your light is 30” from the top of the canopy, that’s too high. 18-24” would be better. I don’t have enough info to say with certainty, but I think, if they’re failing to thrive, it’s probably due to lack of light.

My questions about the temperature and humidity are important too, but I’d lower the light first.

I didn’t notice that you’re both new member. Welcome to the forum @NoEzWayOut and @Jdub2 !


Thanks @keystonecops!

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1- I agree that they may be in need of a bit more light as evidenced by your middle girls which are stretching pretty good on the lower nodes. 2- it looks like genetics are indica dominant. 3- youre using soil so I wonder if you’re over watering and slowing em down.

All in all I wouldn’t trip about their size. I think they’re still building a decent root system and remember that they will potentially double it triple in stretch. My advice? Start training them, (LST?) Let em run without much stress another two weeks and give less water at a time.

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Okay I will lower tonight and give an update, thank you!