Help with grow, one grows slower

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m having a huge issue with the plants not bulking up enough I am sitting at now 7 weeks and only 5 to 9 sets of small leaves and my other plant one set of leaves

Both plants are 7 weeks room temp is 80 npk is 6/12/6 but I added a N boost to the food of 6 so it’s now 12/12/6 I’m also using a 600 watt mh bulb for vegetation and the soil is miracle grow seed started with a .2/.2/.2 npk

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Muy experience with my first grow, i used large pots to start, and they had no holes. Which made the soil toxic with to much nutes and bad ph water. After i learned from ilgm forums and Roberts grow bible. I drilled holes and flushed the soil. After veg then flower i pulled the roots. They where down to one side and away from the toxic soil. I dumped the soil it smelled like death. And none of my sprouts grow the same. Some tall some short. Had one with a defect noid. I love growing marijuana