Help with grow house

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m enclosing a picture of what will become my grow house. Could you please advice me on steps 2, 3, etc? I have seeds started I doors and those will be moved to the grow house around May or weather permitting. I plan on using the HPS lights…and would like to have at least 6 plants in grow house when it comes time to flower. .so number of lights would be helpful…anything you can share will not only be greatly appreciated, but will increase my chance of success in the end. Okay can’t figure out out to add attachments. .but grow house is currently a wood frame with roof and measures 4’×5’×6’…additionally, this grow house will be inside of a large metal roofed shed.

I just read in bergmans lab that you want 600 watts per 12 sq ft. Also be careful with circulation. Which can lead to spent air. Also temp and humidity this can lead to nute problems.

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I have a similar situation. I would like to use an existing closet 3’X3\X4’ fully insulated and located inside a garage.
The closet currently has a door with 6" gap top and bottom.
This seems ideal to me for air crc and heat diffusion.
Please steer me in the right direction if I’m wrong.
Would like to grow 4 plants in this space with 400w of hid