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Hey Family. Ok this is off topic a little. I have a nice little outside garden for veggies. The problem is 4 plants have gotten yellow leaves. The Rose Bush also has yellow leaves. We have one of those soil test kits. After i followed the directions it showing i have a really high ph in the soil. Its like 8-8.5. Now here is where i need the advice. Is Lime the correct fert to lower the ph and sulfur raises it? Also how do i apply it? Do i just sprinkle some lime on top of the soil or do i need to work it into the soil. How long does it take to adjust the soil. Is it the same as Liquid ph adjusters a little goes a long way. I just don’t want to add say 1 cup of Lime to the soil and then next week i check the ph and its at 4.0 or something that will need to be raised. Sorry for all the questions but i don’t know the answer to this myself. Any help would be great.

I already had it backwards Lime raises ph sulfur lowers it. So they talk about 2 different types aluminum sulfate and sulfur AS is almost instant and sulfur is cheaper and gradual What is best?

Bases are on the top of the pH scale and are mostly -OH ions. Lime is a general term, but there are different type of lime. Dolomites lime is primarily calcium carbonate, while most plain lime is calcium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide is a very strong base and will raise you pH drastically, while Dolomite lime is less basic.

The other side of the pH scale is acids (H+) ions. Sulfur is not an acid although compounds with sulfur like sulfuric acid are. Sulfates are salts of sulfuric acid.


@WickedAle has you covered there. Dolomite lime is more neutral and would likely buffer more than anything.

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What you really want in the soil is phosphate. Phosphate buffered in the area you want to be growing and the plant needs it in flower.