Help with Flower Power Nutrients

Need advice when to switch nutrients. First grow been using Flower Power grow for 2-3weeks White Widow Auto starting to flower can someone recommend how and when to switch to Bloom nutrients? Thank you


If she’s staying to flower then you want to start using the bloom nutes, but continue the grow nutes as well for a few more weeks.

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Should I flush with plain water or just start with the mixture of both? thank you for quick response soil pretty dry so I’m going to make a move in next few hours.

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There’s no need to flush unless your PPM is too high. Just start feeding the new nutes with the old just like you normally would.

Since it’s the white widow auto no need to adjust the 18/6 light schedule I’m using correct?
Thanks again Big help…

That’s correct, an auto doesn’t care what the light schedule is, it will flower just fine. :slight_smile:

Perfect going to mix the Bloom and water now…ty

You’re most welcome, glad I could help.

One last thing I’m growing in a 2ft x 2ft x3ft tent with a small platinum led light getting nervous that it’s going to get too tall. Once I switch to bloom will the upward growth slow? If not ideas how to contain on tent?

Oh, no, in fact, it’s going to stretch the first few weeks in flower – You don’t have a lot of height for that. Normally one would SCROG to help with the height issue, but that should start in veg. You could still squeeze a SCROG in at flower, but there’s not a lot of time before the stems harden off.

Oh great I’ll have to read about that tonight. I’m attaching another photo looks like I’m in trouble!!

Do you know how to do a SCROG? It’s not hard to do, you can get a quick lesson in and start tomorrow.

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You could try to shorten the cables on your light maybe gain a few inches for extra growth. Just a thought have a good day

Thanks for advice I wanted to continue conversation yesterday but I’m new in forum and maxed out number of posts. I ordered net and will try and contain that way and I will figure out how to raise light to maximum height. Your advice was much appreciated and i followed it plant looks great after the feeding last night. Thank you again talk soon

Hi again
Doing great on the grow/bloom mix I have a small platinum led that I have both grow and bloom lights going also have two Side fluorescent with grow bulbs in them. Can I run the side lights with grow bulbs all the way till the end? Should I turn them off? I tried to get 18”t5 bloom tubes but delivered shattered!! So any guidance would be great thank you…

I’m not sothe you need all that light. If you’re in fielder now, just run the flower lights. What is the wattage od the LED?

Main light is Platinum P150 it says HID Replacement 250w HPS? Not sure what that means? Seems kinda not enough but I know nothing and the plant is really healthy looking ? Am I over doing it you think?

Any Ideas? Im going to have to attempt to attach a wire and slightly bend it? Its about 4inches from light and I’m out of room on top of tent! Germinated March 1st ILGM White Widow Auto. How much more vertical growth do you think is left in it? I’m feeding it Flower Power 50/50 grow/bloom nutrients for the last week.
Thanks again

Help on when to harvest please …These photos are from same plant can someone give me advice where I am? I’m still feeding Flower Power Bloom and Boost I was planning on cutting out all nutrients buy end of week and harvest next week? Some buds seem not ready while others are looking finished.
Thank you.