Help with First Time Dry Process

Ok folks, I’m sure you’ve all been here at some point.

I’ve been thinking about the dry / curing process since I put my first seeds in a wet papertowel a couple months ago. Well, those auto buds (shockingly considering my lack of gardening talent) are really growing and are likely only another couple weeks away from harvest.

As a newbie I hate to ask but you guys are the experts so if I give you some situational parameters, my hope is you’ll pull me through this stressful time. :slight_smile: You certainly did when you convinced me to jump off the edge, buy a few seeds, get the planted, make some mistakes, learn from them and become a better grower from it.

My situation on the dry / cure - 1. First up are three white widow autos. One large, one medium, one meh. 2. The surroundings - they’ve been grown outside, I live in a legal state (WA) but crowded neighborhood. I’ve got a 6’ fence but anyone that really wanted my girls could get them. 2. I really don’t think I’m going to get away with drying them inside a closet in the house. While my wife is ok with a limited outside grow, stinking up the interior is gonna be a no go. 3. I don’t even have a grow tent for the garage although that appears to be one of the top two options I can see for drying at this point. The other being a large (frig size) cardboard box. Someone in another thread suggested the possibility of drying outside - which, if possible, would be awesome. Frig box with holes cut into the sides to allow ventilation? Maybe 4" fan set up to make sure the air is moving?

I think what’s got me flummoxed is that, to this point, I haven’t had to invest in grow tent (and like) accessories - I’ve been able to put my dollars in outside stuff.

Or scrap the cardboard box idea and suck it up and buy a reasonably priced grow tent, fans, carbon filter and do it right?

What do you guys think? Down the road I’ll have 3 bushier Fems coming into their own but not for a few months. The autos are the primary concern.

Outside dry? I’m in Seattle and it’ll be warm but nights are nice. Think 60 - 75 degrees overall.

I’m disabled and don’t have a ton of money to throw around so if anyone has a cheap way for me to process my grow, I’m all ears. All I want to do is process the product and eventually use it as a RSO.

Thanks in advance.

I did the cardboard box thing last year, worked good for me. Finished cure in glass jars inside. Only took a few days in the box so outside would be possible depending on weather

The box ideal isn’t bad it works good but if you can get your self a tent that would work really good cause u can use it over and over and a small one is really cheap maybe 30 40 bucks and hey when it come to winter time u can grow inside cuz is does get addicting lol

@Mikeinsome, @Newb1 Thanks peeps. I appreciate and will heed the direction. I’ve read up on the hows and whys of the drying and curing processes but one thing I haven’t seen addressed is this - if, in the end, I’m not planning on smoking it, I don’t care about taste/harshness, are there are shortcuts I can take? If I’m successful in my grow, I plan on trying to make RSO or something similar that I can turn into canna capsules. So, while potency is important, taste, look, feel, smell, simply aren’t.

Make no mistake - I’m committed to all steps of a typical grow. But if I find out in the end there were unnecessary steps that I wasted time on, well, that would suck.

Thanks again all. Really enjoying my first ever grow. So far, it’s been incredible.

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@Mikeinsome, thanks Mike. Can you tell me, did you use anything inside the box to help w humidity? (Like the packs I’ve seen)