Help with first grow

Hello growers My I have a few girls sprouted and emerged at different times so here is the line up 19 day Lemon Candy top left and 17 day kings kush top right, 14 day Xxl Chz auto bottom left, 12 day old Xxl Chz auto bottom right (Looks a lil ruff). Iv been getting my water regiment together it’s a bit hard to judge over/underwater this is my first indoor grow. I’m not able to pick pot of with ease to test for water/dry weight. Please Just let me know what y’all think. If they are looking healthy what suggestions do you have. I also just watered my plants with aloe, fulvic, cocowp, and agsil. I also topped dressed with mbp with a little bat guano just because I have it laying around. After watering I sprayed the leaves with aloe and agsil because I went a few day too long without watering.

Setup is a
Started seeds under viparspectra par600 2 feet above canopy then switched to a
1000w mh/hps 16-18inch above canopy
4 20g smart pots no till
Cover crop is a seed blend(gets out of control) also had a gnat problem but used diatomaceous earth to get rid of them just powered pot and let it sit for 48 hours then watered as normal.
Temp Around 86 lights on and at night 69-72 RH is always between 45 and 55%. Also my smartpot look a little nasty is there any concern??

Also I have some wrinkling Of the leaves what could be the cause of that???

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I’m new here so can’t be of much help although they look good to me. But I’m curious what the point of the clover or whatever that is growing in the pot? Wouldn’t that just absorb your nutrients and deprive your plants a little?

That’s salt buildup you see on the pots they look good

Iv heard a lot of good things about cover crop. They keep moisture in the soil since I’m using a no till type of soil I too dress every week alternativing neem meal, Mbp ,and kelp meal along a few other things. They also die out later on in the flowering process which put nitrogen back into the soil. Iv heard it gets so thick bug have problems populating not sure if that’s true since I had a slight gnat infestation a week ago but early solved with diatomaceous earth which I suggest to everyone.

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Thank for the reply so I don’t need to worry about the pot causing issues down the line??

Cool stuff I’m still learning all I can, I find it interesting all the different methods and things people do. Keep up the good work.

Thanks you and I find it amazing myself I just went the organic style I have worms and all in my pots.

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I could be wrong but the issue with the leaves may be from the heat. 86 seems a little hot I never usually go above high 70”s. I Think the max I’ve ran mine is 77 during the day and between 65-70 at night if I fluctuate the temps at all from night and day.

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I agree. My max temp is 80°, low of 70°. They are georgrous though. Never heard of using clover, hmm

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Thanks I’m working on getting the temp down.