Help with finding a DIY quantum board LED


I went to a local grow store and the guy recomended that i didnt buy anything in the store and instead put together my own quantum board. reasons include affordability, efficiency, and productivity.

does anyone have any experience with diy quantum boards. im looking for one that will fit a 3x2ft grow tent.



@dbrn32 :wink: he will be able to help you


At least the sales rep was honest!

I can help you build a light for a 2x3 space. What kind of budget are we working with?


i know, i was very grateful as he was telling me all the perks. shook his hand and left buying nothing.

i found this set up which looks good by hlg

i am aiming for a max of $250.

thanks for quick responses…

@Missiles @dbrn32


that one can also come pre-assembled for $25.

should i be worried about assembly?

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Assembly isn’t difficult. You need a screwdriver and wire strippers.

The 135 kit is a little small for the space and the 260 kit is a little bigger than you need. If you’re up for it, a custom build using the smaller boards would be pretty ideal and probably within your price range.


where can i find custom builds?

im on ebay and found one for 240watts but dont think they are hlg brand and dont want china knock off.


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They are posted all over this site, among others, YouTube, and pretty much everywhere.

are these examples of custom builds?

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should i buy a smaller tent or how about buying an additional 60wat quantom board for 98?

Yes. Although just about all of those are constant voltage drivers wired in parallel, I usually don’t do that.

You can do whatever you want. But I would try to keep light sources somewhat uniform.

And for that reason you will go back there and trust their advice. That guy is a 1 out of 100 who isn’t trying to make a quick buck.


@dbrn32 would 2 135 watt QB v2 be better or worse or no difference than a 260 watt an v2 for a 4x2 grow tent?

As bout the same. You would just have two fixtures instead of one.

:+1: appreciate your help.

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i found a good overview guide everyone


Hey I’m curious if the footprint of these quantum boards I’m always into upgrading. I’m finding that my chm is a much better light making my stalks and branch beautiful and thick but that the plants get a little stretched out having to keep them away from the light cause I keep burning the foiliage. Do you think the qb are just as powerful. And agin 5x10 space what would I need

If you think the cmh is a better light than qb’s I would look at different ways of solving your issue. Ac, or maybe more air moving over canopy?

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I’m still pretty new so I’m not sure I have yet to try a qb. Do you think they are a good comparison to a hid

The efficacy is higher anyway. That means more to some than others. Cmh isn’t a bad light though.