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A question from a fellow grower:

Do I have to alternate on feedings with only water in between or is it ok to feed every time.? Because I only need to water about once a week and the schedule for grow booster is for weekly schedule I guess what Im trying to ask is, is it ok to feed every time I water or alternate and go one week with only water? Im using happy frog and didnt have to feed for the first month. Separate question can you recomend a feeding schedule for autoflowerings I know they dont take up the same dose. Thanks

Here is a common feeding schedule: feed 2 out of 3 days and every week let plant dry for 1 day. use 1/2 amounts

The booster schedule is mostly laid out with a hydro reservoir in mind, and the EC stays the same in the reservoir, daily for the whole week, until the last week or days of flower, and then the EC is zero and only properly pH water would be used to “flush” the plant at the end.

In soil it is a bit different, the schedule is not necessarily meant to imply once a week feeding at all. Some people may need to water the soil in their plant’s container more than once a week to keep it from drying out, and yes, depending on how you feed the plant, they might still feed every time, without pure water, ever, in between. You give the plants what they need, as they need it, in soil.

Although some feel it is wasteful, one of the most reliable ways to feed and water your plants, is to feed them absolutely only when the soil is nearly totally dried out. This part isn’t the part that some consider wasteful. This part can and probably should be done with almost any type of container “soil” growing. The part that some feel is wasteful is that when you do do this watering and feeding, is that you continue to feed until about 40% or maybe even 50% of the volume of soil is flushed though the pot and comes out the bottom.

So a gallon pot, you’d pour enough of the feed mixture through the almost totally dry soil until at least almost a half gallon comes out the bottom. By doing this, you always are feeding the right EC/ppms and the right pH to the roots and flushing out any excess salts building up in the soil, and it pretty much prevents any problems from getting out of balance in the soil.

If it takes a entire week to get the soil this dry, then the last week of flower you might use only pure water and not feed to kind of “flush” the plant for harvest.

Also, autos do not necessarily need less. You might want to start with half dose and work your way up to see how your plants react in your setup.

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