Help with extra wire

@dbrn32 So I got the HLG 260w XL kit I have it all put together the dimmer works but dosnt turn the unit completely off just to a very low setting but I was also curious on what this extra 3rd wire is to as I have no clue what it does or where it goes or if its even needed


Plug it in plug it in , in the corner brother another cable hook up

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There’s no where to connect it to atleast not that im aware of

The wiper

I’m sorry I don’t understand man lol

That one he has has 3 cables , the functions of the 3rd cable it’s called the wiper, one cable is the starting low current the other is the end current point and the wiper that acts like a mixer to smooth things out

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Ok where does it go tho haha there aren’t any other wires it can connect to

Wait does it get soldered on to the end prong on the back of the dial?

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I commented in other topic. Disregard the Vprg wires, pretty sure they are to program driver. I’m not clear what particular driver model that is, invertronics something? But it’s probably not rated for dim to off operation.

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@dbrn32 i have 3 of the 260xls and none of them turn off with the dimmer. Are they supposed to or just dim from low to high. I dont have a 3rd wire like his does but mone is meanwell drivers. Should they turn off sith dimmer tho

The 3rd wire is not used for the invertronics(sp?) driver.
I used a piece of shrink tube to cap it off.
(Corrected: I thought it was in the instructions but they only mention using two wires, someone on this forum clarified for me)

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My new 300 l comes with a dimmer that only dims to 90 Watts through full power with 10 settings in between mid-setting is 180 something,Watts roughly it has the inventronics driver

Nahh if you look at the product description its dimmable from 30-250 meaning at lowest setting it’s 30 watts


These don’t dim to off. Some of larger meanwell will, but not these.


Look on the bottom of the driver see if you see a little black rubber plug with a internal pot.

Ok the diablo dims to off position the others are about 25 to 30% whoo had me worried i had them wrong and i watched videos 3 times to make sure. It was actually really simple putting the 260xl together.

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Identify the 3 main terminals sticking out of the middle of the pot. Place your pot on a flat surface with the 3 prongs that stick out facing you. These are your terminals. The first terminal, or terminal 1, is your ground. The middle terminal, or terminal 2, is the input signal for the pot. The third terminal, or terminal 3, is your output signal. The shaft on top controls a small ring attached to the second terminal. Turning it controls how low or high the input is.[1]

  • If it helps, think of a potentiometer as a dimmer switch. The ground is all the way off, terminal 2 is the switch itself, and terminal 3 is the switch turned all the way up.
  • A potentiometer is almost always used to throttle an input signal so that it can be adjusted. Sometimes, you can use a pot to overclock a device with a stronger signal.

Since I had got my HLG it’s always been on 3, couldn’t figure it out either so did my research :face_with_monocle: