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Hi all. I have an auto on day 80. I’m in an Octopot with Coast of Maine Stonington blend- should just be water only with two supplemental feedings, but it’s been vegging so long i’m sure the soil is getting depleted. I added half strength Earth Juice bloom to it two weeks in a row. The first week the leaves curled. This week I have really yellow and lime green growth that’s kind of splotchy (though the splotchy could be from the green cleaner). stems are purple (not sure if this is normal for this plant). older growth also looks like junk- it’s been treated with Green Cleaner that caused a little damage, though it may have also had (have) some calmag issues. I’m really not sure what to think. thoughts?

2.16 gluegelatoc|666x500

This is an experimental set up so not sure a whole lot can be done in terms of flushing or soil testing.

Ph is 6-6.8. I go in 6-6.2 and it drifts up quickly.
Earth Juice Grow half strength once a week
Calmag once a week
QB135 at maybe 75%
Temp 68-78 Humidity 55%

Green clean or green cure?
Are you fighting something?

Probably time to up the grow amount.

Green cleaner. i had powdery mildew for a bit and my other tents now have spider mites so was spraying preventatively for that. I’m not going to do it anymore though I don’t think. stuff is too harsh and this plant is really delicate. i’m not seeing any mites and i moved it to a different room.

you think this just looks like a general deficiency? last time i fed the leaves curled under. it was weird.

I’m sure your battles have taken a toll on the leaves. So it’s going to ba hard to pinpoint things.
The light green does indicate a need for nitrogen. I’d up the grow for sure next feed.

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ok ill give it a shot. N deficiency is supposed to start bottom leaves up, which is why i wrote it off.

These newest leaves haven’t been treated so they are indicative of what’s going on, just can’t rely on the older growth i don’t think. hard to tell burn from Ca.

They are hungry for Nitrogen, but not deficient enough to start using up the fan leaves.

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ok thanks. easy enough fix i think. i’ll add more to the res tomorrow.

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I didn’t realize you were hydro. Ignore the earth juice feed schedule I posted. That’s for teas/soil.

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it’s a weird combo hydro. the schedule does still help because it was suggested to do half and work up.

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I’ve found that I need to up the “grow” a week or two before flipping to 12/12.

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it’s a forever begging auto but feel like i’m close to preflower so that makes sense.

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That’s an auto?

Looks like a good yield pheno. :+1:

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cuz it won’t @&$ing flower. it’s actually pretty small and quite delicate. dropped first week of december just for fun and an experiment with the octopot, but the the photos i dropped a few weeks ago are going to beat this thing. i thought i’d be trimming by now ha

My last autos took a lil over 110 days just short of 4 months if I remember correctly… I hear this time frame with a lot of autos… so now your around 100 days if math is right. I can say I’ve done autos no more for me, I’ll stick with my photos…

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my last one went 100 days and got to be almost 6 feet tall and 5 wide and that was before flowering. i had to get rid of it . i figured i paid my karma up front. at least this thing is still a manageable size. but my patience is growing thin.

P excess causing micronutes lockouts? Maybe?

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We’ll have to compare our EJ schedules. After 5 grows, I think I have my schedule honed in. Loving it.

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if anyone has one specifically for Octopots… lemme know! i have no idea what i’m doing.

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For octopots, might I recommend bubbling for 2 days and then filtering out the sediment before adding it to your reservoir ? Will help reduce anaerobic bacteria forming as the poo and bone sludge rots in your res.

What level are you feeding?