Help with deciding which type of plant


Hello people, this is my first time posting so please bear with me and I hope I’m on the correct page. I would like to try my hand at growing 1 or 2 plants at a time and was wondering what strain of plant would be best. I like to be creative and active during day the while I’m doing my wood working, but be able to relax at the end of the day and get some good sleep at night. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Check out there seed bank see something you like it tells u all about it easy to grow some make you sleep good to lndica the best . Allot of people like grow auto seeds I like femelied seeds. Stop


I was looking at strawberry kush as it seems easy growing and doesn’t get to tall. What’s your thoughts?


I suggest that you start with a photo strain that way if you make mistakes you wont have to worry about going into flower in the middle of a mistake cutting into your final product quantity


What’s a photo strain?


Theres different types of plants photo and auto.
Auto you plant and it will flower whenever it wants to. Photo relies upon you changing your light schedule to 12/12 to flower


Got it, I new about the auto flowering but never heard of the other being called photo. Your thoughts on strawberry kush?


I know very little of the strain but it sounds delicious


The way I understand the description it’s a hybrid of both indica and sativa which may be best of both worlds. I’ll do some more research and thank you for your time Freakish.


White widow would be a good bet because it is so forgiving to mistakes and every thing. Do a couple grow with that and then go for the more intensive strains




Wanted the same things for my wife. Ordered the Auto Mixpack.
Have Amnesia Haze for daytime and Northern Lights and Bluebarry for evening.
Figured you have to start somewhere and there is actually no possible way to know how a strain will effect a particular person. Its a good value and autos are beginner friendly.


I looked into the white widow also, and it is on the list for sure and I do like the forgiving part. It’s a shorter plant also, correct? This growing thing has a bunch of factors to look at.


I have bought all mix pack good deal and it is hard to choose and they have one for beginners


Yes it is a shorter plant and makes rock hard buds i got alot of 20 to 30 gram buds off of mine fully dried and cured my buds are 12 and 10 grams on the bigger ones and even the little ones carry weight and you can learn so much and mess up like ph out of wack, to much or to little nutrients or water it shows you big signs and you can save it and bring it back great high but also great first plant to learn on


I am growing white widow for my first grow for all the things that @ThcinKC said. plus you get a great deal on their seeds for this strain!


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Hybrids are definitely a good choice. And doing something like a mix pack can give you flexibility and some savings.

If this is going to be an indoor grow, you can control height a few a different ways. So I wouldn’t necessarily discount something for the reason of it not wanting to naturally grow short.


I’ve thought about that also, but if I don’t use them all, they should keep until the next grow?


Yep if you down load th grow bible t tells how to do lt dark dry and cool. It always nice to have more then one kind of smoke. It keeps real well in canning jares.:duck: Stop


Good morning Stop, I’ve got the bible downloaded and will need to do some more reading.