Help with cold snap

Ok I just got a new clone. The weather has been in70’s to 60 night. I have it in a pot till it’s bigger. This next week highs 65 low 41 for a few days. All I have is my 250 w CFL 2700. Will it hurt to use for a few days till its hot again. @garrigan62 @MacGyverStoner

if its in a pot why not. Just bring it indoor’s
.if not Tom, if you could cover it in a way where you could use the light or heat.
I think you’ll be fine Tom.

Good luck with that cold snap buddy
B Safe

I don’t want it start flowering. Can I use my 2700k light for a few days? I will bring in till it warms up.

Ya you can ii see no reason not to she’s still in vegg. Do it Tom.


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Glad I did put it in pot for awhile :sunglasses::+1::deciduous_tree::us:

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