Help with cloning

I have the 600w led above my dome about 12 in
Clones put in root root plugs. With clonex . 3 days in the tops look like Turing brown . Is my light too strong am I doing something wrong .any tips on cloning . After I cut I put in water but some still get droopy
Thanks so much

Need high humidity levels if your using that method. Most make a dome and mist the inside of it then place over clone to create humidity.

Google “aeroponic cloner” for a simpler way of making them


The light dont have to be close at all. Just keep a light on so its getting light. Until a clone establishes roots the light wont do very much fir the plant. Make sure the stem is in water or has a continuous spray on it until roots form. I have 8 clones for about 11 days now and looks like 3 or 4 took and rooted so far all from a homemade cloner deal. Just a small storage bin with a lid a small pump and a stone and air pump. I ran tubing around the inside of tge storage bin and drilled a bunch of small pin holes in the tube so the solution can be sprayed out onto the stems of the clones. Works rather well for like 30 bucks worth of stuff

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I would consider @Hellraiser the local cloning sensei. check out his threads you will find heaps of information.

He uses a cloner im using plugs like you so here are my two cents

Clean your knifes… use gloves… be fast… cut of the plant and in water… Take all the cuttings then move to your working space. Cut leafs, cut 45angle at lowest node, put and leave in clonex until you prepare next clone…Put new clone in clonex and the other into your soaked plug, wash, rinse, repeat until all your clones are plugged.
Everything under a dome at a constant temp, mist daily, after a week you can start opening the dome for a couple of hours daily, after 2 weeks you should see some roots…

!!!Don’t touch or move anything before 2 weeks have passed!!! Only mist!
I had some problems in the beginning because “curiosity kills the cat(clone)”.

Some expected loss can move between 20 and 50 %, make more clones than you need…

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Can’t get any lower tech than this. Compacted starter mix in cell of tray. Prep the clones and stick them in soil. I set them in a 10x20 tray under a 7" Mondi propagation dome.


Yeah light way too close as others said, I’d move it up to like 30-36 inches, don’t need much light while rooting and if your light has grow and bloom switches just use the grow. Also should use a domed tray and mist the lid a couple times a day to keep humidity up if not using an aero-cloner.

Check out my cloning journal


One import concept about rooting clones is that the cuttings have a very limited capacity to draw water. Photosynthesis causes the plants to transpire. Until they have roots, you really want to limit the amount of transpiration they’re asked to perform, so you want minimal light. High humidity also helps to hinder transpiration.

You’re getting good advice. I’m just trying to get to the underlying concept.


Do I need 24 hours on with the light? Also do I need to spray the root riot cubes as well as misting the dome? Should there be water sitting in the tray also? Appreciate the advice :call_me_hand:t4:


I use 24 hours of light for cloning to keep temps stable but any veg light schedule would work. If cuttings are droopy, leaving them in the dark for a while or with very low light levels can help them revive a bit, along with misting them directly to rehydrate them.

Yes, you should spray the root riot plugs daily to keep them moist but not soggy (just a squirt or 2 per plug should be fine) and I don’t like water sitting in the trays as the plugs can soak it up (if not elevated over the bottom of tray in some way) and can stay a bit too wet.


I dropped to 70 bucks on an ez cloner at my local agway back in the fall. 24 sites with closed sell foam plugs. Stick your clones in, add water and turn it on.

I get about an 80% success rate roughly and it couldn’t be easier.


And how does that work do you use root root plugs also . How do you transfer to soil. Thanks for the info🤙🏽

If you’re planning to move rooted clones to soil you might want to look at rapid rooter plugs, or whatever they’re called by different brands. I also like ProMix with clonex gel.


When you’ve got enough roots you just pull your clones out of the ez cloner and stick em in dirt or whatever your medium of choice is. I usually see about a week of just stasis - maybe transplant shock - and then its off to the races


With the rapid rooter plugs can the be buried in soil with pulling the plant and roots out?

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Yeah, I have no problems that way, but I have plenty of experience transplanting seedlings in general. The moment you see root tips emerging from the rapid rooter, you’d move it to the next medium. Also, breaking off root tips isn’t actually the worst thing to do, and it’s something I do intentionally in many cases.

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I am a noob total. Have not got a clone to work for cannabis. Recently tried with some lsd clippings. I have realized and noticed that i give them way to much love. Another words over watering and they were getting rot. 20 of 5 generation white widows and not a one done 5 on the lsd cuttings and 5 days and stalks looking healthey green and healthey. Im not in hydroponics all my grows have been in organic soil with sphagnum grows habe been great but propagation needs lot of work. Hopefully my problem has been over watering as my last set is making progres, using jiffy peat pellets and peroxide and dasani bottled water.

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dont touch them before 14 days have passed!!! no looking for roots no moving the tray, just spray and leave them alone.

Don’t want to step on any toes here especially @outdooring, or @Hellraiser, sounds like their methods work for them impeccably. And the information they pass along is excellent. But I’m sure they would have to agree, that there r many different ways to grow marijuana, and take clones from marijuana. I’d suggest, n addition to their onfo., @beardless has some low tech. info that works for him, @KeystoneCops has some valuable insight that seem to work for him. @Deez lays it out at an 80% success rate, with hydro methods. @Mark0427 has some penny’s to throw n the well. @PharmerBob has some info that’s relevant to the subject. That’s 7 opinions from ur original post on the same page. There’s lots of literature on just this subject, read, read, read, learn all u can, knowledge is ur best friend. Just pointing out the many, different way’s, that seem to work on cloning marijuana. Good luck my friend​:+1::+1::v::v: :alien:


Yeah move light up like the others said i found that take a cutting of the mother and literally just throw it in a glass of water works perfectly fine no gel or nothing the roots will literally look like noodles in a couple of weeks lol but yeah high humidity and a decent temperature helps :slight_smile: happy growing :+1:t2:

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Impecable is a big word🙈 i only started cloning a couple month ago, I was nervous in the beginning, but through try and error, I’m now happy with the rate things go.
i just cut another batch of 20 clones of which 13 rootet… Its not as effective as hellraisers method but i get around with it.

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