Help with cloning 🐄

Do you cut :scissors: leaves off before putting in water. And can you shave around the stem or leave the skin on. Do you know what I mean. And when you put rooting jel on it do you speak in water in the dark for 12 to 24 hours. And then put in soil. Thanks @irma1010 thanks @garrigan62

I’m a noob at cloning but you cut leaves in half n shave stem and cut stem on an angle

Check out my grow journal 6 strains of fun and i have a step by step with pictures of how i did mine this will help you out alot

I used rock wool cubes. Soaked rock wool in water. Cut clones leaves dipped in clonex and stuck stem in rock wool. Placed rock wool clones into a plastic square Tupperware container. Put 1/2 inch water in container. Placed loose plastic wrap over clones. Could also find a recycled salad plastic container bottom. Places in light >18hrs on. Rewater through cubes with water. Almost every one survived.

Commercial photo. I didn’t use the wrapped cubes. Used cubes that come in an attached sheet.

When I take cuttings…they are immediately placed in water.
I cut with sharp scissors. After soaking grow cubes in 5.5ph water…take cutting, slice a 45 degrees…you can scrape a little skin off the bottom of the stem. Dip stem in water then powder or gel cloning stuff. Stuff in grow cube about 1/2" …ideally the cuttings lowest leaf set should be 1/4" above the grow cube. Cut full leaves in half to slow water loss. Clear plastic cups make great mini-hot houses.
I take mine to light immediately. Same light schedule as they were before cutting.
If the cup gets dry, spray with water. Someplace warm would be helpful and being under the lights same as before is a good thing.
Keep cube n cup moist. Two weeks and roots will come flying out…then move to final home.

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How long in water

try this picture tutorial, probably the best single source of info i have ever seen on cloning.!!

i use rock wool cubes, very light nutes (1/10 strength or less), humidome, heat mat on a thermostat,and very small amount of light, just enough to keep em green.!
i have 100% success rate with this method, i get 8 of 8 clones every time in 10-14 days,
some do not look so good and behind the others, but all i need is 6 of them for veg then 4 for flower.

this is awesome for all growers, everyone should thumb through this…

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ASAP…maybe 10 mins max from cut to grow cube and back to light.
Everything needed is gathered and disinfected and waiting before the first cut.
Time is essential.