Help with clones

These are my first clones. They looked way better when i put them into solo cups. I transplanted into half gallon pots which are my first nonfabric pots after 2 weeks. I went on vaccation for about a week and just got back. The soil was pretty soaked but i was worried they would be super dried and dead when i came back. I had installed an automatic watering system but never used it once. When i came back they were a bit dry but not too bad. I watered with tap water (not ph). Usually i use ro water with calmag+fishnutes+flower fuel+epsom salts. The soil was intitally coco and worm castings and pearllite and ammended with 4-6-3 dr earth in the solo cups. When i repotted to half gallon pots i used coco chips and a generic organic soil ammended with 4-6-3 dr earth and pearllite and half the normal amount of worm castings. The leaves look burned and idk if its a nutrient problem or ligth burn. I have a quantum board at about 30% giving about 150ppfd. There are a few tall skittles and the smaller ones are super skunks. I thoght they were really stretching so i turned it up to 40%. I think maybe the light is too close or too bright. What do you think? As clones coming out of the aerocloner they were kinda bushy. Now they are lanky and the leaves are dying. They are crispy. Please help

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What nutrients are you using they look abit fried either from to much nutrients or to much heat not enough humidity

I edited the original post to show the soil i used.
Its ammedned coco with 4-6-3 dr earth and organic soil. Normally i use a humidifier and keep it at 70% but since i was gone it is about 53% humidity.

Yah low humidity not good for young clones or seedlings .they should bounce back nicely trim up those dead leaves they will look good

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I hooked back up my fans as well as adding 2 humidifiers (i forgot to mention i had them in a 3x3 but switched to a 4x4 tent just before i left on vacation). The humidifiers are hooked up to a humidity controller so that it will keep it at 70% and not any higher.

As far as Heat goes i use to have the exhuast fans hooked to a temp controller to keep them at 75 to 79 degrees but i now keep them on 24/7 to keep the smell under control and its been at a constant 73 to 75 degrees.

I also kept the lights on 24/7 but now i have it at 18/6.

Should i raise the lights?

These clones are about 5 weeks old. I did tske very small cuttings because it was my first time and i was afraid i was gonna hurt my mothers but now i take big branches because when i do. My mothers seem to explode with growth and the roots grow bigger and faster.

I have a sog going With 2.5 week old clones and they are in 1 gallon fabric pots and they are super bushhy and growing fast! I flipped them to flower yesterday infact.

What grow style are you trying to achieve? Coco? Soil? Organic/living soil? You seem to be blending techniques based on the fact you’re using organic amendments and traditional salt-based nutrients like flower fuel all at the same time. You also went from coco to soil during a transplant. I really don’t wanna be that guy, but I think this grow was doomed before it began. Unfortunately those plants just look extremely sick. This early into Veg I’d consider starting again — flipping sick plants to flower doesn’t make things get better down the line. I think if anything, your only chance would be to take clones of the healthiest shoots and start fresh. But even the color of the new growth looks sus.

I know it’s possible to grow in a blend of both, but in the future I’d recommend sticking to either soil OR coco. Soil self regulates pH and doesn’t retain salt nearly as readily as Coco, which is an entirely different growing style. You cannot treat Coco like soil, and they require different watering schedules entirely.

I’d definitely recommend finding a grow guide you like and sticking to it to the T. Combining growing styles rarely yields good… yields. Best of luck! I hope they come around!

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Do have anyway of checking ur par at that distance cause u would want it around 220 par

Agree with @CatDadPower on most said! I would transplant to either coco or an amended soil like FFOF or happy Frog. Coco Loco is the best cannabis friendly medium for new growers and comes amended with nutrients and beneficial microbes that will feed those clones for roughly 5 weeks with PHd water only. Your medium is too convoluted with different mediums and fertilizers :love_you_gesture:

Im not flipping these girls into flower. Im just letting them chill out as my 4x2 tent is full of clones in the same soil (same mom’s) is doing fantastic. They are just in 1 gallon fabric pots instead of plastic half gallon plastic pots. I did put 2 clones into each single gallon pot and they went directly right into the soil and not into the solo cups.

I do agree these are looking fairly sickly and was considering dumping this entire lot as I have 35 new clones which need to be repotted into soil waiting in the aero cloner. These went from the aerocloner into solo cups and then into their current half gallon plastic pots. This is my first time using plastic pots…

My 4x2 is full of bushy thick clones in the same exact soil so i think the soil is good. My mothers are filling an entire 4x4 as well and they are in the same medium and are huge mommas in 7 gallon fabric pots. The only problems i had before was a potassium deficiency which is why I use flower fuel to bump it up.

I use the photone app. It says 150 for the smaller plants. It put them on a 18/6 light schdule today.

I cant get those soils where i live.

Ok sweet i think u will be right now

Im pretty sure my problems are due to light burn…