Help with Clones!


So this is my first time doing clones. I just transplanted them 24 hours ago. One of them is looking great but I think one of them looks bad. It looks like it’s starting to wilt and leaves are bending down pretty bad. They can’t seem to hold the big leave up

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Did you give the pots a good soaking after transplant?

Yes. Soaked with distilled water. Both treated exactly the same.

What is the growing medium? Specific brand…

Fox farm ocean forest

Give it another 24 hours before doing anything drastic. It should recover just fine. Sounds like you have it under control.

Okay sounds good thank you. Temperatures seem to be ideal. Think this set up should be good enough?

Also, my humidity got to about 72-76 last night when the lights were off after watering. Should I be looking into a dehumidifier?

you need more humidity. clip the ends of the fan leaves off to stimulate some growth hormone.

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Are these rooted clones, or just cut clones?

High rh is perfect for the next month or so.

Ffof is a bit nutrient rich for clones. Next time try 1/2 ffof, and 1/2 seedling soil.


The one that has clipped end seems to be the one struggling. The other one looks great

They had just started to root and were ready to transplant. I got the from a clinic in San Diego. They’re from purple city genetics.

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Did u transplant from solo cups, to their forever home? FFOF is a bit hot for clones but shouldn’t have such a drastic effect n, what 24 hrs. U said u soaked with distilled water, it looks like u soaked the entire pot full of soil? If so it looks to me like they r perhaps overwatered, if they came from solo’s the roots r still confined to solo cup size. Plus u got plenty of leaves, do as @ThanXdude says n clip the ends of the leaves, it won’t hurt the plants n will help “stimulate growth hormones”. Give’em 24 r 30 hours to dry up a bit, n see how they r looking then.:+1::+1::v::v::alien:

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Clip the fan leave of the one that’s wilting over? The other one is doing pretty good right now.

They were actually still in rockwool. It’s my first time ever doing clones

I ended up trimming the end of the water leaves on the plant that was wilting. Below are a few pictures of the way I cut them. Let me know if this is what you guys meant.

I also included picture of the other plant. Bought clone from same place. Same conditions, same everything but one looks a lot better

If the clones are well rooted, it might just be transplant shock. Give it a few days.

As A side note, I like to dip the clone roots in mykos just before dropping into the dirt.

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Thanks for the advice.

I actually put Mykos Mycorrhizal Inoculant direct in the hole and in the surrounding soil.

It seems like it’s doing better today.

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In the soil works too.

My clones take off a lot faster when I use mykos.

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Yep the cut looks good, n the clones r looking better already, from the last pics u posted. Looks like the Mykos helped also. Sorry I didn’t get back earlier I’m laid out, my back is Fd up. Definitely got some good advice from @Drinkslinger, the people here r always willing to help. Good Luck brother, looks like ur on ur way to better days. Don’t forget to keep n eye​:eyes: on the temp. n RH…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::v::v::+1::+1::alien:


@Drinkslinger @ThanXdude @AlienBrew

Not too sure what’s going on. Checked on the plants this morning. The one that was wilting and I trimmed was doing better but looks really bad this morning. It has some new growth but seems to be wilting pretty bad.

Here are a few reference pictures of the two different plants. Grown in the same grow tent same conditions.

Quite the see-saw ride u got going on, u say there is new growth? That’s encouraging, the look of that clone isn’t. It doesn’t like something, the soil needs to b kept moist around the base. B patient give it some time it’s still upright n holding it’s own. Don’t know what kind of light ur using r how close u got it to the clones? N the mean time keep on keeping on, n keep posting some pics to show what’s going on. We’ll get some more people involved…:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::+1::+1::alien: