Help with clawing leaves?!

It’s starting to perplex me. Before you just shoot from the hip and make a ramble please either know for certain what you are talking about or let a pro chime in. I’m not a rookie myself.

These are the test genetics from fast buds that are PHOTO PERIOD PLANTS

Originally I thought it was wind burn because
It was the closest plants to the fan. I adjusted it a week ago

Medium Coco 6” pot pro system from floraflex

Nutrients floraflex b1-b2 + ghe Cali magic and flora micro

PH 6.4 @1000 ppm, temp 70°
12/12 week two of flower
Daytime and night time temp 75
No co2
Lights are HLG 260x2 at 26” above canopy par reading 55,000 lux



@ThatoneAKguy the whole shelf is doing this? How many separate plants on that shelf?

Both sides feed same nutrients correct?

Everything is the same. There’s a total of 5 plants. 2 look great, one of them the clawing has mostly gone away. 2 have clawing on the top 1/3

Post full room pics it almost looks like their all about to get the same way and it’s gonna be a quick turn on you.

I can tell you what it looks like but you already know. The claw!

I can tell you what to do but again you know that also. Flush and clean system

I’d look at the nutrients and see what levels of nitrogen your plants are getting right now it looks a bit much.

It’s the new growth clawing out that concerns me

Yea from full pictures that’s odd the entire other side hasn’t had any issues.

All same genes on left and right?

No. They are different. I’m flushing again right meow

@PharmerBob, so I flushed them with tap water that was PH correct to 6.4. While doing so I captured the runoff and it was 300 points higher in ppm than the water going in which is odd because I thought coco wasn’t supposed to hold nutrients. I drained and refilled the reservoir were a little high at 1300 so I hosed it out a second time to make sure it wasn’t hanging on to residual crap.
I’m using the new floraflex powdered nutrient line which doesn’t seem to have salt buildup like the rest but it’s by weight. I’m using the b1 & b2 bloom nutes at A little less than 2 grams per gallon. I put 6 tea spoons of cal mag and got it to 6.4 @868 ppm
These nutes have 14% nitrogen in the bloom

That’s what I’d be worried about. Same solution different strains.

Can you clean the crap out the lines also?

Looks to me like those tops are getting beat up by you fan. Had something similar happen to one mine a few grows back

What i miss? Beautitul plants

What is your rh? Check that and temp against vpd chart.

@PharmerBob the lines are only 5 weeks old. I change them almost every grow.
@Watt-Sun I adjusted the fan. Did yours ever come back?
@dbrn32 75° with a 46% RH pretty close to in the ballpark. I knocked it down to 72° to see if that makes a difference. I will note that while I was out of town my trusty assistant unplugged the heater so it was 71° during the day and I found a low of 63° registered at night so maybe they don’t like the heat now?

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The didn’t look as clawed but they were def a little different than the rest of my tops. Didn’t affect growth at all tho


My vpd chart is supposedly corrected for white leds, and has correct rh at 75f for early flower to be around 60%. Are you setup to bring rh some? Would be worth trying if you can.

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I have a humidifier on standby. I’ll stick it in tomorrow for gits and shiggles. Thanks!

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Since your in coco and your in flower , shouldn’t your ph be 5.8 or close to it…?
I think the cold temps and the fan blowing directly on them was your culprit…
Should bounce back if that was the case… :+1::wink: