Help with Carbon filter

Need to buy one now to replace one “blinding” . To start with I have a 4" fan could I install a 6" filter using an adapter (does one exist???) Up to 6" . As I cant replace fan to 6" right now. Next what are the brands that are good but not over 50.00. Thanks all input is valued and I need to order by the weekend.

If odor is the top concern you need to spend $100 to get a good filter. Phresh is a good quality exhaust filter that will take care of the odor. I like mine a lot. Don’t think it would be a good idea to adapt a 4 in fan to 6in filter. I think the four inch fan would need to run too hard to overcome the differential.


All other things being equal between two filters, the filter that has more surface area will put less back-pressure on the system. I don’t think static pressure will matter much through a 4-6” adapter, but it won’t hurt either. I guess you want to make sure the CFM rating on the new filter is larger than the old 4”.


The current filter I’m replacing lasted 2 1/2 grows. Actually still works as far as odor goes it just is "going BLIND " and is restricting the air flow too much still sucks in the sides a little but air flow is all but gone. So I need another one and just cant spend that much 100 00 right now. At the end of this grow I have planned to redo the exhaust system with new fan and good filter. But something cheaper this week is necessary.

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I understand ,moisture will plug up the carbon filters over time. Ipower is a affordable filter 32 bucks on eBay I have used them they just don’t last long.

Do you own a vacuum with a hose? I’m thinking you might be able to get a little more life out of the current one if you clean out the inside, to the extent that’s possible.

I did reverse the ends, and did notice an improvement in the beginning but soon slowed down again. It is a cheep one but 2 full grows it doesn’t owe me anything.


I presume you replaced rather than just washed the pre filter?

My last and only filter was under 50. I’ve replaced and tried washing it.

The pre filter has been cleaned but even if not used no improvement. Will be replaced with new filter.

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Yeah it sounds like you’re there. :grin::sunglasses:
But shouldn’t cost too much

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Just dont know the diff between brands in the 50.00 or under class. If there is any diff.

Terrabloom on Amazon is a good one so far

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