Help with buds i

I have a 2 LSD growing in soil with 2 hps 600w. And its been 7 weeks of flowering but one plants is showing DAMN male 3 or 4 of the buds .No light leaking and the humidity is 30 to 40 temperature 62 to 74° Plant look great but the male . They are feminized seeds from ILGM

Give us some pics of the “male” buds.
Normal lighting please.

I removed all I see . So don’t see the male how. And my gorilla glue is red too

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Were they yellow banana looking things?

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You mean pollen sacks? I couldn’t see any either

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I looked and looked. All I saw were deliciously frosty buds.


Yep, little yellow bananas . You don’t see them because I have trying to keep them off . This is not my first time this has happened . I thinking about cutting her. What y’all think :anguished::anguished::anguished::persevere::persevere:

Back away from the axe :axe:Don’t cut her until trichs turn. I harvested my last WW crop early cuz I had some nanners pop and the smoke was crap. You’re far enough along I doubt she will have time to make seeds before she’s ready. Always the possibility the nanner pollen is sterile @Interlu


I wouldn’t take them down if the buds aren’t ready. Just keep plucking them as you can. Even if you end up with a few seeds it’s still nice looking plant. You can just toss the seeds as they will likely do the same thing. I would try to see if I could isolate where the majority of the nanners are and try to figure out why.


agree with everyone… pick them off if easy to get to but dont chop them yet

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Thanks the all. I would like to know WHY they do that.
I want cut her yet .

Those nanners are usually from stress. The biggest offender is usually light during the dark hours. Sometimes it’s a pinhole in the tent, an led from a power strip or other device, even a timer that malfunctions or a that light doesn’t go completely out.

Temp swings, high or low can do it.

Poor genetics, seeds from other hermits plants etc.

FWIW I haven’t had a single ilgm seed grow a plant that hermied.


I guess it may be the temperature. I have no light in the room. I used a room Not a tent. It is a room . Maybe I need a tent

I harvested 13 white widow plants couple months ago. Saw and plucked some nanners but must have missed a few. Had some seeds here and there but potency was still incredible. So I wouldn’t chop just try to keep plucking

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I wish I had the option of picking them on a recent plant I had hermie. I got up and checked on one of my plants one morning and the tops of the buds each had a few bananas on them. It was 5 weeks into flowering and rather than chucking it, I just separated the plant from the rest and I’ll let it ripen and then make hash out of it. I don’t think I could have picked them as they were on all of the buds. It seemed to have happened overnight.

The plant that was next to it is just fine. No bananas and it doesn’t seen to have been pollinated by the one that threw up the nanners. I’m pretty happy about that.


I wish I could move her but I have no place to move her too. So I guess I will keep picking bananas. So for only 5 or 6 bananas .

I picked bananas this morning. Only a 3 or 4 down in the buds too.

If you pluck them out your plant will still be seedless?

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