Help with Bruce banner new grower

I have a previous thread about my setup, but can someone please help me I am getting a little paranoid I guess. One of the 2 plants I started 4 days ago in a small 4ft x 2ft tent in the attic is Bruce Banner. My setup includes incoming air from inside the house and exhaust going out the side of the 2 story house on a small hill it’s going out an existing vent that was for restroom fan. 4" coming in 4" going out. 2 100 cfm duct fans on incoming and a 4" carbon filter with 250 cfm exhaust fan going out. Temp stays between 69-85 humidity controlled by dehumidifier and humidifier so never below 35 never above 65 can tune that better and will do so. I have a direct digital connection camera and temp/humidity transmitter both in the tent that both transmit to a little panel downstairs.

How big is Bruce banner auto going to grow? In the tent I also have a girl scout auto both seeds from

Will my tent be big enough for both of these.

Also when I do have to open the tent for nem oil and pruning how strong is the smell going to be in the attic? Tent is covered with 2 layers of insulation then with garage door insulation foam panels.

I have a setup where the water is coming in through a irrigation pump from water jugs in closet downstairs so water is room temp.

All duct and fans and pump and everything is up in the attic. Only a small 1/8" tube coming in corner of closet covered by clothes. And 2 water jugs in corner of closet covered by luggage bags.

I am Worried that Bruce and Gsc will be to big for a 4’x2’ tent that is 4’ tall.

Anyone think I’ll need to top it? If so when should I do that?

I am totally new to growing

You will be good, I started off with w plants in a 2x2 and then upgraded to a 4x2. If you are worried about the height you can always do some LST, which will help to increase buds as well.

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4’ tall tent. How much room does the light and carbon filter take up. And Pots etc

They would benefit from some LST, spreading out under any circumstance.

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Um…84" is 7’ not 4’

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When your stoned math can be hard


I have an auto plant growing now that I consider “tall”. It is 36" from floor to top of tallest bud. They are probably done stretching. Plant is 26" from dirt level (plus 10" for planter).That is typical for an auto. 24" up to 36 or so.

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Is there a way to control the height to stop it around 24?

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Other than that you can top it if necessary. Allow for the height to double from when flower gets going.
(height from dirt level to top of plant)

I topped my banners. No problem. Why would you be using neem oil if you have no issues with anything yet? Stuff is nasty

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The directions with the kit says to use it starting at a certain week I think. I don’t use it yet though.