Help with brown spots on leaves

Hi! I’m growing white widow from you guys, they’re outside in the lovely sunshine that we’re getting in this part of the world.

for otherwise really healthy looking plants they have these ugly brown spots on the leaves, they’re not on the newest growth, and they’re not prolific on each plant, just a handful of leaves here and there. the only other indicator that my plants are not fully healthy is the new growth is a lighter shade of green - not yellow, just light green. Also have yellowy veins on the leaves.

They’re in 3 gal pots.

I did tip the plants and am tying down new growth hence the shape of the plant.

temps between 12 and 25 celcius

havent been using nutrients yet, but they are growing in a highly composted soil.

The pots have been staying a bit too wet so i’ve drilled more holes in the side to allow for more aeration and a dryer soil - I didnt have to water for almost 10 days so they definitely were staying to wet.

PH level 6.5

I thought it could be root problems (staying too wet)so i’ve taken steps to correct that, if it is a nutrient deficiency is there a liquid fertilizer I can buy here in australia that you could recommend? I have Seasol but havent been using it since I thought the soil would have enough nutrients for plants this size .

Thanks guys!!

The compost soil can be where the problem at , but it can also be a iron or magnesium shortage , have you tried giving them some Calmag yet .

found the pH of that particular pot to be a bit higher than the rest so will correct that first, as Iron is not well absorbed at higher pH levels, then I’ll add a cal/mag/Iron supplement if needed…

With a 3 Gallon pot how often should i be watering?? once every 3 days or so?

It really depends on temperature and air movement . But I cannot actually say how often , due to my setup could be different than your setup , but it’s very important you figure it out . If your soil stays too wet , you will definitely run into problems and a low yield , plus fungus knats .