Help with blue dream auto


I have a blue dream auto that was germinated on feb 20. For a while In its seedling stage it didn’t do much. I moved it to an open space with its own light and it started to grow. I started it with MG seedling mix and fed with 5-4-4 for the first time 4 days ago. But it’s 30

days into a 55 day seed to harvest and this is as big as it is… is this normal or do I have a runt? Thanks I know I have been on a question rant lately but I didn’t realize indoor growing would be so different.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Dr.DankThumb420 @raustin. Thanks u guys seem to know what’s up


Oh and I use 24/7 lighting during veg


What size pot is that? How much/often do you water? Was there any stress during germination? Did you transplant?


What size pot is she in? I notice she’s not completely planted into the full size of the pot. I’ll bet a transplant would help her grow a lot. Also, though some people do it, I’m not a fan of the 24/7 lighting schedule. Plants do a lot of their growing at night, so that could also be why she’s staying small.


I use 24/7 for all my plants. She is in a 2 gallon and I usually continue to add soil as they get taller. I plant them deep to help stabilize the stalk. I did have to transplant before I did some research and found that most people say not to transplant an auto. But I did transplant early and that’s when I started to get some real growth. I don’t water on a schedule I water when it gets dry knuckle deep and I water til I get runoff. I use bottled water. Thanks for your help


Okay, I see, so she’s really only getting about one gallon of grow space, which is not a lot of room even for an auto. You’re right, you shouldn’t transplant an auto, but I think that’s what her problem is. You just planted her too deep so she has no room to grow. Also, I think a three gallon put would be better, especially if you’re going to plant so deep.


So it’s possible to transplant them just not recommended. Do u think I should try it or leave it go?


I’ve heard of successful transplants with autos, but most people wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe you could gently lift her from the pot and just fill the bottom with some soil, then place her back on top. That will give her some more room to spread her roots. You can leave her alone, but I doubt she’ll grow any bigger.


That plant won’t be ready for harvest in 25 days. The flowering time is probably suppose to be 55 days.


Says 55 days from seed to harvest. I don’t think so either but I’m wondering if it’s something I did. Like maybe the transplant. I bought a bigger pot and I’m gonna try it. The worst that really happens is the stunt themselves and u get very low yield but that’s how it’s looking now anyway. Fingers crossed.


Probably. I’ve seen stuff like that too as far as times, rarely holds true.


I transplanted it and it didn’t really look toot bound. Wish her well I wanted it to hold me over til my photos are done.


She looks a little rootbound, but not as bad as I thought. Nonetheless, she should grow a bit more now. Good luck with her!


Ok so I figured out that this is not my auto. It was mixed up with another seedling. I noticed it starting to flower under 24/7 lights. But of course I noticed it as I was transplanting it and probably killing it but mystery solved. Thanks everyone for your input.


Now I’m totally confused. I transplanted what I first thought was my auto Bc it was not growing like I thought it should. That’s the first pics I posted. Only to find that another plant was flowering under 24/7 light. I know I planted 1 auto blue dream, 1 NYC Diesel fem and 1 Bubblegum fem. it is my first indoor grow so i didn’t want to waste all my expensive auto seeds. Well now the one I transplanted just yesterday is double it’s size and appears to b trying to flower??? WTH. These pics are the same plant as the first pics that were just taken yesterday. Look at the difference. Is insane. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @HornHead @Happy_Pappy @blackthumbbetty @


Justgrowin, This is how I do it for inside and outside I have grown for about 20 years off an on. I start with a very small cardboard like pot you can buy them at Wal-mart, Dollar store, just about anywhere, I use just plain dirt I try to find some with worm castings if not no big deal. I fill the small pot with soil then set it in water and let it get good and wet then I take a pencil (Sharpened) make about a 1/4 inch deep hole and place the seed in I have about a 90% germination and I have used this process for years I use 3 gallon pot for White Widow autos so far this year I started 9 seeds and only had a problem with one but she came out ok (PH problem) I take my 3 gal. pot make about a 3-inch deep hole in the middle place the whole small pot in hole cover it up and you don’t have to worry about transplanting easy easy THIS HAS WORKED GOOD FOR ME NO PROBLEMS


I have had no problems germinating. I have had 100% success there. I soak my seeds in a cup of water for 20 hrs then a wet paper towel and zip lock bag until they crack then put them in seed starter. I have grown outdoors in the south for about 15 years but now I live up north and feel like a newbie all over again. I planned on getting my plants to 6 weeks in veg then putting them out doors but the weather here with 4 nor’easters in a row that’s not happening. So transplanting and lighting are all new to me. I appreciated Mother Nature taking care of that for me. At first I didn’t understand why my auto was so small and not starting to flower when I found another plant flowering under 24/7 lights so I just figured I mixed the seedlings up somehow and that was my auto. But now I have 2 flowering under 24/7 lights. Both the one I thoughts was the auto that I transplanted and the one I discovered flowering yesterday. I’ve been told by 90% of growers do not transplant an auto but the one I transplanted yesterday was stunted and had no signs of flowering at all. Now it’s double the size and looks like it’s flowering. I think I need to take a break from smoking while I’m gardening. I feel like I just need to let everything ride and feel surprised at what I get at this point


All you need to do is start labeling everything, seeds and pots. Then you’ll never have this problem again even if you are stoned.


Looks like I didn’t make the mix up. This is def my blue dream auto. It’s starting to pre flower now that I transplanted it. I just got lucky and they sent me some auto seeds instead of fem seeds. Now I just have to figure out what strain the mystery auto is, if she survives :unamused: