Help with autoflowers for a new grower!

Hi there,
I’m a new grower and chose blue dream autoflower seeds. I am growing indoors with a natural sunlight cycle, organic soil, and using the fertilizer kit from ILGM. I followed the directions for germination, planting the sprouted seed, transplanting, and I’m also following the fertilizer table; however, my plants (2) are only about 4 inches tall, have a small single stalk, and only about 3-4 tiers of very small leaves. I see some hairs and very small flowers growing, so I obviously went wrong somewhere! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks and happy growing!

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1st glaring problem is that planter. WAAY too small. You have basically started a pot bansai. It is risky move but I would suggest immediate transplant into at least 2 gal fabric planter 3 gal would be better but it is probably not gonna help this one much. Autos get comfortable in their homes quickly and yours has already set roots according to available space. Small space= small plant.

Under a good LED will give better results than in an indirect, filtered through a window “sunny” location.
How old is the plant from poking out of the dirt?

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Thank you for the reply and insight! It’s been out of the dirt for about 7 weeks.