Help with autoflowering plants

Good morning. A close of friend of mine told me to get on the forums. Said this is how he he learned most of what he knows. He’s doing very well. So, with autoflowering plants…I do not have experience growing these. I have a lot to read on here yet; but would like to know what the better options would be with lighting (LED’s vs HID system) and what grow medium would work best for an indoor grow? I am sorry of the question seems lame, but thought I’d ask anyways. Thank you so much.

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Welcome bub!


Hey @UpInSmoke79, welcome
Nothing lame at all…Better to ask first before you buy the wrong stuff.
What are you hoping to accomplish? Do you want a plant or two or a dozen?
What do you already have for space, equipment?
Do you have a budget?
Lots of good help here.

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So, I am putting together for a larger grow and it will not be HERE. I have many questions. Have put together a small team but MY main focus is on the grow, the supplies needed, strains, etc. I’ve never grown an autoflowering plant before. I have read the pros and cons. Stealth is DEFINITELY required with all of this. I will come up with a list of questions to post. I’m all ears, brother.

DEFINITELY a budget grow for the first couple of cycles at least. SEVERAL dozen, hoping to grow. I have used HIDs for my non autoflowering plants. But have since seen that LED grow systems are available too. How is this advantageous or not for an indoor grow besides reducing heat and utility cost?

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Morning brother. I was told that THIS os the place to be for any and all questions pertaining to propagation and cultivation. Loads of questions for y’all.

Hmmm how long you been growing “non autoflowering plants” as you put it?