Help with ankylosing spondylitis

Last year I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. It is an Arthritis conduction. I have to go through an blood infusion every 6wk’s. I have had a lot of side effect’s from it. In order to help with side effects I have to get a injection in hip every week and there are side effects to it and I have to take 2 different pills to help with it and I am having side effects taking them.

Anyway is there anyone here that might know of a strain of MJ, that would help with this. The treatments also opens another back conduction (lower back compression fracture) I have and it makes it worse.

I do try and smoke daily and it helps with the AS but not much with the lower back (lower back spamming). I have started growing my own smoke and would like to know what to buy,( high in CBD?). I may have to mix but that is ok with me as I got laid off 5yrs ago at 62 retired.

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I would think low CBD and high THC. I just googled it and found a site pertaining to cannabis strains for back pain.

I think it’s okay to post as it’s not a selling site.

@Matthew420 I liked that article until I got down to their recommendations for strains and they covered everything from high THC and Low CBD to Low THC and High CBD in direct conflict with their article.

I’m definitely not an authoritarian on any of this stuff, but if you don’t get a clear answer I would probably recommend something like a 50/50 hybrid with a medium THC and some CBD.

What are you smoking now? If it is from a dispensary then you should already have the stats. If it’s not then just skip the question. Alsthough if you know what strain you are buying one of us crack www wizards can look it up for ya :slight_smile:

Any thoughts of growing your own? In the long run it is a lot cheaper than buying it. There are some startup costs but it is something anyone can do.

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@Matthew420 I have been growing on and off years (bag seeds). I got laid off 5 yrs ago and retired. Being 62 and in a tech line of work I could not find anyone that would hire me at my age and could make more on SS if I went to work for Lowes. Last year I put a couple of grow tent’s together. Just to get started I was using bag seeds in soil but I found the cost of making soil or buying it was to much. I bought a set of DWC BB (5/5 gal buckets). Bag seeds work good but was getting to many male and got some WW from Robert but had some issues (neighborhood). I had set up in my shed and had to trash everything (4ww and 6 bag seeds all ready for flowering). I now have setup inside house and have 5 ww doing nice (one curing now, one budding & 3 growing). That is way I asked if anyone had AS or know what strain would work best. The treatment I am getting is working good but my body has issue’s with it. That is another subject so right now I won’t go there. Anyway I do not have the stiffness in my upper back and have better all around movement. The problem with that is I have a compression fracture in my lower back and with better movement the back is spamming more. I know CBD’s do better and that is what I am looking for, what strain has a high CBD’s.

Sorry about the book


If you go to the ILGM seeds page, there is a checklist on the left side of your screen where you can narrow your search by checking the boxes with the features you want, such as “medical,” and “high cbd.” Then the page will reload, showing only the strains that fit within your specifications. You can then click on the “more details” button on each different strain, to find out more, such as how it grows, what it tastes like, what kind of physical effects you can expect, and what conditions it is most helpful for. That’s how I chose the strain I’m currently growing. I hope that helps!

I have little to know knowledge on the health subject but… i have a cool story i heard off my maths teacher when i was in school.
We where having a few drinks and smokes as our family’s where very close and i knew his daughter well, anyhow.
He told me about a time when he had extreme back pain and went to the doctors, and they couldn’t find the actual damaged part, as he was in so much pain he nor they could quite pinpoint it.
Anyway, he got stoned one evening in the hope of reliving some pain, and in his blazed state could actually pinpoint the exact location of the pain source.
Moral - doctors can’t always help as much as you can help yourself - peace.