HELP with AK47fem auto

2 plants Coco coir/perlite 50/50. 5 gallon fabric pots
42 days old
HPS 600 watt
GH Flora series Micro, Grow, Bloom
with calimagic
Using purified bottled water
Ph going in 6.0
Ph coming out 5.5-5.7

Do they look ok??? No Flowers yet

13 1/2 inches tall

11 inches tall.
This one looks real droopy


May be over watering

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How often are you watering? I am growing in coco with perlite as well. I have 2 plants in 3 gallon smart pots and was watering 2.5L a day by that point per plant. Week 5 of flower now and watering twice daily at 3.5L per plant per watering.

Edit: I water to 20-30% run off each time to keep salt buildup down. This lets me not worry about flushing until final flush before harvest.

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Also what are the temps in the grow area? I notice the leaves tacoing which is often a sign of heat stress. They do this to limit the amount of surface area heating up.

I am watering every 3 days switching to nutes every other. I am giving now apx 1.3 gallons each time. With run off apx 20 percent.

Temps are running anywhere with lows of 64 when lights off. When lights on anywhere from 73-77 degrees. I had to buy a used air conditioner (which I now regret) and it does not have a thermostat so the temps fluctuate.

I did just try moving the light higher, it’s 14" away now was 11". Noticed a small difference, maybe better tmw.

They just seem to look so sad, I’ve read nearly everything on ILGM website. Spent over 400 for the setup, supplies n crap, just would really like to be able to get something out of it.

You do want some drift in your ph 5.5-.5.7 is low you should have a range between 5.5 and 6.1 5.8 being sweet spot if your ph is constant that low at run off it could be lower at roots. It looks like possible iron or mag deficiency look at mag mainly 6.0 ph makes it most available even in hydro check the charts mag becomes least avail under 5.8 ph

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Along with that you should always have nutes in your watering. Even if you cut to 1/4 nutes on water only day. The reason is with how coco binds to nutes, you need to keep it charged or risk making some nutes unavailable. With single feeds daily I was at 1.2-1.4 ec depending on stage. Now in mid flower with 2 feeds daily they get an equal dose of .8 ec each time.

I also agree with JTheH in coco you treat everything like hydro that means every water should have some amount of nutrients unless you are intentionally flushing but as I said let your ph drift it allows for better nutrient up take bookmark this link

Thanks Donald n Jtheh,

I totally agree with you, just looked over the link and my plants definitely have most of the symptoms.

Now, if I’m reading correctly I should flush with ph’d water, low dose nutes and calmagic.

Now how much Calmagic should I use 1 tsp. Also what do you recommend the Ph level to be 6.0? 6.5?

Also from now on I’ll always use a lower dose of nutes in between recommend nutes CORRECT??

Thanks for the help, you guys are great.

You need to raise ph up to 6.0 - 6.2 , do not use to much of cal-mag after second week of initial flower time , nor CO2 , that just my opinion from my previous grows , and make sure you transition your nutrients from veg to flower gradually , not all at once this will help the plant transition in stages without much stress , and keep lights about 28- 36 inches in flower , are as close as your lights will allow , and watch them bud for 6 weeks and than the big flush for 2 weeks , and cut , dry , than cure …Happy Growing !!!

I bump my pH up to around 6/6.1 in flower personally with good results. And you are correct on the low dose of nutes if you need to flush or just want to water lightly :slightly_smiling:

the beauty of coco is you won’t realy need to flush simply provide it with the correct ph and a light feeding if you over water by 10-20% it flushes on it’s own so long as your ppm hasn’t gotten too high but a flush won’t hurt if you are unsure. Keep in mind your run off goal should always be close to 5.8 ph as a target but letting it drift up and down has benefits with some strains and coco has a reputation for cal-mag issues. Many run their ph 5.9-6 for that reason but too high creates other issues and every strain/plant acts different they may need more of one nutrient than their sister once you get the basics down you will know which wants what.
Keep in mind issue took time to present and though on road to recovery will also show more for sometime once damage is done it doesn’t go away so you should be watching new growth to monitor results :wink:

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Thanks to all, I flushed as advised, moved the light higher and after looking like my 2 babies were gonna die last night, they are back. Not 100 percent but definitely on their way.