Help with a flowering white rhino

Hi all, am new here. I’ve grown white rhino for many years but mostly outdoors, I just spent a fair bit of money on an indoor set up and I haven’t got it fully set up but my friends have had many successful grows doing it this was and I have had maybe one. Anyway I started my clones off under an MH light they grew fast I had them in my roof to avoid detection. Anyway I decided time to flower, I can’t remember exactly when I started flowering I think it’s been 6-7 weeks I started the turn in the roof but think I was doing 8 hours light rest darkness I’m not entirely sure but I was mostly turning them on first light and off when it got dark. Anyway I’ve moved them down to my tent. I have 3 in there all in different stages of flower, I have 2 600watt HPS in there and 1 400watt MH in there and am doing a 12 hour cycle my issue is my buds don’t look normal they don’t have many trichomes or pistils on the crowns and my rhinos have always been nice white hairy things at the top of crowns they look like they’ve almost started vegging again but that can’t be possible as I haven’t made the light cycles 18hours. Can you guys take a look and see if you can tell me what may be the problem? I grow in coir peat/peat moss with perlite I’ve been feeding them normal A and B nutrients along with budlink from the start and doing PH keeping it in range. They were looking great but buds don’t seem to be filling out I’m wondering if there just a little slow and I have to wait and some look good others don’t so I’m confused. I started adding extras during flowering like resinator and atomic both are resin and bud builders as well as normal nutrients and the budlink. I think that’s all the info. I don’t have an intake fan running just a normal fan inside the tent as I havent got the room here and I’m watering them by hand 3 times a day depending on how their looking. I’ll put some pics up. Tell me what you think. ! The ones closer to the light seemed to have less pistils and trichomes but the light isn’t that close and I’ve read that they like the light and heat in flower image|375x500

I think that it suffered due to stress and it might need more P and K. There is a chance that it was stressed which is why it has the smooth edged, single point leaves which usually comes from stress or genetic mutation.

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I figured out the problem with the help of my local hydro shop. It is what I originally thought it looked like but thought it couldn’t be possible. It looked like it had gone back into veg but I thought not possible as it’s only getting 12hours. I have monster cropped before switching my budding plants back to veg then back to flower but this was not my intention but basically that’s what’s happened. My timer was up shit creek and they went into veg again, I’ve fixed timer and I’m starting to get heaps of nice pistils now; now I have to wait longer to harvest but hopefully it’ll be the same principal as monster cropping and I get a better harvest provided they don’t turn. Think I got them early enough; fingers crossed. It couldn’t have been nutrient they are getting all the finest of several different nutrients, when I told my local hydro shop he agreed no way it could be nutrient issue but when I told him of my timer issue and described what was happening he said re veg straight away which is what I thought it looked like but dismissed that idea thinking they were getting 12 hours on and off. The problem was they were going 7-7 one day then maybe 10-10 the next day then 8-8 the next day so they weren’t coming on and going off at the same time every day and that never even occurred to me. Was a passing thought but I thought they’re getting their 12hours or light that shouldn’t be an issue not thinking the sleep time would be all mucked up coming on and off at different times each day. Thanks heaps for your response though, live and learn hey. I didn’t think to mention my lighting as I didn’t think it was an issue. There’s no light getting in but timer no good. Thanks. Do you know if I’ll have to wait the full 8-12 weeks again with a revert???