Help with 4x8 setup

Hey everyone, long time lurker soaking up info. You all are great! Finally setting up shop, purchased 4x8 LITE gorilla tent. Looking at lighting, specifically the Spider Farm vs HLG. @dbrn32 for guru insights!

When comparing those two, I constantly read about the horrible service SF provides. HLG is price premium, and I am leaning there. But comparing the 550/600/650r, would 2 650Rs be too much for that space? Ive read its ideal for 5x5, and I presume I can leverage the dimming capabilities.

Thanks in advance for all the help!


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First off, welcome to the family of growers. I see that you joined about 1 year ago but just now started posting.

I am not going to answer your lighting question but I will say that most folks that have skimped on lighting when they started were not happy with the out come. I think that lighting is the single biggest factor in producing nice buds. There are many other very important factors but without enough light you are wasting you efforts.


Thanks Merlin! Yes it took me a year to pull the trigger and I rushed things a bit with my seedlings, now I am in scramble mode haha. But it forced my hand to begin.

Totally agree with you, I am a firm believer in getting what you pay for!!


With enough light this is what you might get if most other factors are in line.
This is link to my most recent grow update:

I am within a few weeks or so of chopping. I usually post an update once or twice per week.


@dbrn32 might be hung up somewhere…I will tag in a few other folks that may be able to help with your lighting questions. I don’t keep up with current offerings and technology since I have more light than I need at this time.

@Covertgrower @Holmes @fano_man @MattyBear
There are many others but this should get you pointed in the right direction.


Lil over kill in my opinion I run a hlg 600 v2 rspec per 5x5 there co2 capable in a 5x5 … 650r is bigger and is for a 5x5 or bigger better spread but 2 550s will be ample for that space u can go bigger if you like but without co2 its lil over kill imo…u can run dimmed and have potential to expand


You could certainly get by well with two hlg 550’s or 600’s. The hlg-650r is a larger fixture, that would indeed be able to dim and get similar results to previous models.

Imo which to choose comes down to how much you are willing to spend. The 650r is already more efficient light. Dimming it would just increase efficiency a little and potentially put less overall heat into your space. Would also provide easier opportunity for expansion if that’s something you may do. If that isn’t likely and you’re not hung up and growing with most efficient light you can afford, two of the hlg-600’s is more than enough.


Thanks gang, I am fortunate enough where I can spend a bit more upfront for long term benefit. Im not so concerned with a bit of savings on my electricity, rather if the 650 would provide incremental yield or quality of the yield, then I think I have made my decision so long as its not too much power for that space. If I won’t recognize any increase in yield/quality relative to the cost differential, then it sounds like I need to better research the difference between the 550 and the 600. I really appreciate all this help!

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Either the 550 or the 600 would be perfect,and you will notice a difference in bud size growth rate and yield.If you can afford HLG,they are the way to go.I have 4 HLG lights of varying sizes and they are quality,plus the customer service is great.I ordered a quantum board DIY kit last week and I never got a shipping notification. Called them and they responded almost immediately. It’s on the way.

Without co2 your looking about the same light per area but the 650 is a lil more capable to expand then the 600 it’s got 4 648 diablo boards I believe its same driver it’s more diodes split up same power provides 2.8 umols per joule and 1700ppf
While the 600 is 2.51 umoles and 1550 same 600 watts tho
550 is 500 watts a lil less efficenciey if I’m not mistake and a lil less par

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The simple breakdown is that it’s recommended to get to a minimum ppfd average of 600 umols/s for flowering on 12 hour schedule. From there a ppfd average of around 800 umols/s is point in which something like your grams per watt will start to decrease. If you get over 1000 umols/s ppfd average you are approaching area where you will be light saturated, and more light won’t produce more weed without supplementing ambient co2.

Having a hlg-650r per 4x4 would put you at a ppfd average around 1180 umols/s at full power. I don’t see any reason to run there. 80% give or take should put you into really good grows. So will the other models at full power.

OK thanks all. I think it comes down to 600 vs 650. Not knowing if I will expand the 650 does give a little room to grow, and I do like the idea of the 650 @80% running cooler inside compared to a 600 at full throttle. This ill be in a basement, so heat shouldn’t be an issue but its reassuring. Hard pill to swallow at around 700 extra for the 2 lights, that money could be spent on many other items. Speaking of which, and tell me if I should start another thread, but would a 6inch exhaust work or should I go with 8inch presuming ill run the 2 650s

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I found a youtube breakdown of the two, not sure the rules on linking out to other sites so ill save it, but the guy did mention that the 650 has more blue and I will be using these both for the veg stage as well. They mention supplementing the 600rspec, does that mean adding another light?

Ya, but it’s not exactly necessary either. You can link YouTube as long as there’s no links or ads for competitors.

Hlg-600 is still a damn good light. Even better now that 650r is available and the 600 is couple hundred bucks cheaper than it was released at.

F it you only live once. Just pulled the trigger on the 650s. Thx for the input


I did the same thing when the 600s were new they are both good in my opinion I had 4 in a 10 x 10 and was more then happy… in a 4x4 and a bigger light your gonna be set

The shape of the 600s are a lil different now the 600s are shaped like the 550 now and spread more my 60ps the 288 boards are much closer together

How many plants were you running in the 10x10 @fano_man? That’s my entire space as well but planning to start with 5x10 of it first. Very curious how yours is setup

192 plants but I had a space saving system I came up with

8 of these 2x4’ racks

this is picture at half capacity and half is scrogged