Help when to harvest?

Hi this is my first grow as you can see one plant looks like it’s dying and the other small one very ripeshould I pull them? I have been waiting for amber tricomes but still none, also the bigger plant has very weird looking bud formation advice would be appreciated ph and ec pretty steady… dwc 1st grow
Uploading: FB708B31-8727-4E79-AD4B-5A8A495B1844.jpeg… Uploading: B9C7F57C-DA2D-4293-9A5D-8128A5A019A1.jpeg… Uploading: 9ED231DE-B0EC-4447-83DF-59500D81981B.jpeg… Uploading: 6F87B2E6-5AF5-46BD-98C5-94500EC4FED3.jpeg… strain is northern lights photo ps even though they are small and look more like autos!

Pics didn’t load. Have to wait till
( 100 % ) shows at bottom left on screen. :wink::+1::v:
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Uploading: DA027DD0-22FB-4B5C-9AEE-50FD5C80D54B.jpeg… Uploading: 68DCEE49-F605-4D92-AA3C-818B252A54C5.jpeg…


Thanks Oldguy

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I don’t see a plant dying.

The purplish one on the left looks to be suffering from some phosphorus deficiency. It looks further along than the one on the right

The right plant has some major leaf taco. How far away is your light?

Pics in natural light would help, but it looks like they could go longer.

Filling out a support ticket will help us help you.

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Plant on right looks like a bit of fox tailing.
One on left looks like a different strain.

Yeah I had started to think it looked more purple than brown and probably a nutrient issue and I have also moved light up ,phosphorus would make sense cos I noticed the P % of my nutrients seemed fairly low for a bloom product cheers for the advice! Here is photo of the other small plant that looks pretty ripe

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Yeah, that one looks pretty close.