Help when should I harvest?

12 weeks in 12 hour light. Clones were given to me Unknown the strain.


What do the trichome look like? Can you get closer pics of the buds in natural light without flash?


I’d say with the pistils still sticking out and not curling into themselves you have a few weeks but, yes, we need to see a pic in natural light and if you can gat a closeup that’s even better.

color of trichomes will cue harvest. clear for activity. cloudy for couchlock. half n half is usually recommended. Your choice

Anyone know how long Gorillas will take to turn color in dirt? They are almost 15 weeks overall and still clear. Patiently waiting

Here is a pic with natural light. The leaves are all dying

suggest you checkout the free growing guide offered on this site. your bud “looks”
harvestable, but the color of the trichomes is the aspect to focus on. clear is a little early. cloudy is a more couch lock. 40 to 60% cloudy is generally accepted as a balanced buzz.