Help whats going on?

I’m not sure about the soil, but suggestions the others have seem in line. Have they been waterlogged lately or anything like that?

Also, not sure if you need to be careful with pictures? You can nearly make out the plate on car in picture. From what I can see, you’re probably not worried about leo’s. But thought I would point it out.


I noticed that I made sure you couldn’t it is very close but not quite I’m also in a legal state not worried but thank you. They might be gonna try to let them dry real well after the flush


Well might be a legal state but u dont want an unwanted guest to show up at ur house while ur not home and have all ur stuff come up missing is tge whole point. Legal or not there is always thiefs who troll the forums watching for this stuff lol


You’re showing N tox and based on pot size it could easily be pot bound. If you have a meter and can capture runoff for a TDS measurement would be good.


Thanks I was unaware will make sure to keep my personal info out

I don’t but I will try to find one in town the grow shops closed today so gonna have to look around

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The nature’s living soil is for autos would it really contain too much nitrogen?

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