Help whats going on?

Any advice is helpful on another forum aswell I flushed gonna wait a few days but if someone knows something I’m all ears was suggested over or under watering nitrogen toxicity or root rot or lockout

@Holmes @Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Hellraiser any one know any auto growers that might know what’s up?

Looks like a combination of N toxicity and overwatering which can cause root rot and lockout! What where the runoff #s from flush?


Around 6 I’m using drops so not exact but was 7 going in


I’m using a living soil for autos don’t know how I’d get N toxicity
I was under the impression tho that PH doesn’t matter with organic gardening

I know nothing of NLS so you would be better served to wait for someone who uses it. I am not sure on the ph or N in relation to NLS but they definitely look overwatered! Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

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Ph not matter with organics? NO if anything organics need phed more accurately cause the amendments effect the medium in a more unknown way then liquids

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@Myfriendis410 I saw you posted some help with another person using natures living soil any advice? I’ve been trying not to overwater but is possible as I have a tendency to do so

In a living soil the soil should naturally adjust ph imo and advice from mentors could be completely wrong thanks for advice

I use rain water which always tests at 7 with drops been the same color with drops for 4-5 years

That’s not to bad how often do you water them

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I try to wait 2-3 days and till it’s dry but with the wilting and I’ve been having heat issues that I finally got under control I was trying to make sure she didn’t dry out the leaves have been dry crispy

The plants around seem fine

I got 6 autos going and the two out of 4 devils cream are more purple and that are having the issue

Yea if you’re having heat issues then it was probably underwatering due to dry heat sucking the moisture out of the plant given the crispiness I doubt it’s nitrogen toxicity since im just not seeing the waxyness you get from toxicity.

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I’m gonna wait a couple days to see how the flush went after that if it’s still having issues would you say over watering?

Oh and heres a pic of my devil cream auto grown organically indoors, not the best producer but hands down the best Terps of the 6 strains ive grown


Beautiful I hoping for some nice resin coated buds!

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Did you top or LST?

A little LST , more gently then I usually do. But I think the Indian genetics should be fairly heat resistant so start going by weight of the pot rather then dryness with such heat you should keep it at decent effort to lift sounds like she’s having a hard time staying hydrated( at that size 3 days should be fine)

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