Help: What seed to cultivate in the Sonoran desert?

Okay, I’ve been researching and reading this site for months and overwhelmed! Please can anyone steer me toward the best seed selection for my intent and highly unique environment:

  1. I want to grow something for medicinal use (pain, stress, sleep)

  2. I live in the Sonoran desert AZ. It’s tough to grow anything here that is not indigenous. Sun, heat and low humidity. Right now warm days, cold nights. That will change in a couple months to predominantly warm/hot sunny — always low humidity — 24/7 until Halloween.

  3. I’ll need to grow outside for space reasons and privacy is not an issue

  4. They will be in pots outdoors—not in ground

  5. I’m a Newbie at this so something that is too difficult

Now, for all you savvy, smart, experienced growers, what seed am I looking for???

In advance, a million thanks!!!

Look into landrace strains and choose from what you’re looking for. ILGM has Durban poison. Seed supreme also has a bunch of landrace strain seeds


I would recommend the Afghani strains from the Seed Shop above as your environment is not too far from Afghanistans

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Makes sense! Smart! Thanks for offering your perspective!

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Rex aka D,
well we don’t have scorpions ( thankfully) here in middle earth but we got the RED SPIDER MITE and they are repulsed by the odour of the basil and dill also it is most fabulous to eat my own ganga soul infused herbs…
I recommend THAI BASIL as it tastes and looks luxurious …also I am growing in fabric pots this year, which have to be imported from the US all the way to my mountain top…Go Amazon !

Time for tea ! Yippee ! :cowboy_hat_face:

Adios Amiga…:rainbow:
James aka J68

Here are some pictures for you of Kumoani pot growing in the Himalayas

Hi aka Rex,
my head spins also spins when I overthink my pot plan…I tell myself ‘its only pot’ and then it becomes fun…which I LOVE :green_heart:
I send you this picture Donna of Pen y Fan mountain which is up the road from me .
James aka modern human


and for balance this is the other side of the weather here



what beautiful country ! :star_struck:
reminds me of my time in deserts of Jordan clambering about Wadi Rum, just up the road from Petra… and I managed to score some ok-ish pot there guy on a !!!
Sadly the dog is not mine as the farms around here are sheep and cattle and the Wesh farmers are most trigger happy (shotguns only)…boo hoo…although there is a field mouse called Captain Beefheart who visits so all is not lost !

I send you full moon best wishes.

Soil works for me…read the above Guides about seeds and planting