Help what’s wrong with my plants

Currently on day 69 with these gelato and about a week ago I noticed this problem started to happened I flushed the plants thinking that’s what it needed and nothing just keeps getting worse and idea on what can be the issue I’m currently running ocean forest soil with Athena feeding nutrients this is the feeding schedule I use
any help would be highly appreciated

Pictures with normal light?

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PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

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I am really a noob but that sure smacks of nute burn to me. That soil is pretty hot to start with and if you are using the full recommended dosages :scream_cat:…most growers I see use 50% or less what is called for and adjust according to how the plant reacts.

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Hard to tell without natural light but that first pic looks like it might be a calcium magnesium deficiency. And some nute burn but that’s not an issue.

I’m inclined to agree with Afg.
Pics in natural light would help,
also as much info as possible.
pH in, ppm in, run off readings… etc.

Here’s a link that may be helpful,
I frequently refer to the symptoms guide when diagnosing issues…

Good vibes and good luck :v:

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Ph 6.0 in
Ph 5.8-5.6 run off
Ppm according to week haven’t checked run off
Sometime most of the time when I mix my nutes I don’t get same ppm as I should from chart mines
always end up lower reading ppm

I’m running 3gallon pots with ocean forest soil
A/c temp highest 74 degrees lowest 68 degrees
Humidity highest 55% lowest 45%

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When growing in soil, ideal pH in would be 6.5 and run off readings, preferably in the range of 6.2 - 7.


@HMGRWN so you think I should do a flush of cleanse and water mix? I have 6 plants 5 have the same nute burns and 1 which is good in my opinion and it’s been fed the same batch as the 3gallon but I have that 6th plant in a 7gal pot which is this one

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I personally wouldn’t worry about the nute burn but would address the other issues you have. You need to flush with water ph-ed to 6.5 until your run off ph numbers are in check.


@HMGRWN @AfgVet @Budz @Enlightened420
So checking run off on ph and was definitely low it was at 5.0 and ppm was 1plant 1975ppn 2ndplant 1925ppm others around the same ppm except 1 that was 2600ppm never in my life have I seen that I guess it’s also my fault as I’ve never checked run off ppm always seem to check the ph only but definitely learned a lesson almost lost 5 of the 6 due to the ppm being through the roof and ph so low at 5.0

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I currently brought it down to 1200ppm and 6.4ph should I see them get back to hood soon? @AfgVet

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Won’t see any “improvement” to the already damaged foliage obviously but the new growth will tell whether your issues are resolved. Keep an eye on the Ph at runoff. That may well have been the bulk of the problem. May have been salt buildup and the flush should help there.

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@HMGRWN would the buds continue to ripen up because I have the 7gal that’s ready for harvest been fed the same mix same everything and it’s ready since like 1 week all the tricomes are about 80% orange but the others you could tell are not mature buds yet still need to puffen up a bit compared to the 7gal so will flushing and getting ph balanced to where it needs to be make the process of the buds to continue to ripen up

I would just keep an eye on run off ph and make sure it stays in range. You should start seeing some improvements on new growth

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Tricombs are 80% orange or the pistols (the hairy looking deals on the outside of the bud)

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The plant, when healthy, will continue as it should. This is just a speed bump in your grow, a learning experience.

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