Help…. What’s wrong here?

Hey everyone, past couple weeks my trainwreck ladies have really started yellowing out. I’m still in veg and would love to figure this out before I flip them. There both in FFOF, my water PH is 6.2, runoff PH is 6.5 with a ppm of about 1100. I honestly haven’t been feeding them much, when I do it’s a very dilute amount of Alaska Fish fertilizer or grow big from FF. I was thinking zinc or iron but would love some more input. Any ideas?

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You should fill out a support ticket. It will help us help you. Let’s see if someone can post one for you. @MeEasy @dbrn32 Do either of you have a support ticket? Thank you in advance :blush::v:


Wish I could help. I am not good at diagnosing nutrient issues but others here are!


Thanks for the tag @Flitme :grinning: hi @Reeferleafer at first glance I’d say magnesium deficiency what is the tds of your water going in before nutrients? You might need something to increase the magnesium normally it’s a low ph that causes the deficiency but yours sounds okay. A little epsom salt wouldn’t hurt anything and should get em back on track

There’s other things that can cause it too, overwatering, to much light etc


I’d say the exact same thing. Start a mix of epsom salts at 1/2 tsp per gallon or 2.1 grams per gallon.


From this chart, looks like nitrogen deficiency


Though, I don’t k ow how accurate the chart is.

Just checked, the ppm of my well water is less than 100, 70-80. I’ll try raising my light up a bit and pic up some Epsom salts tomorrow. Ive gone through hell with these clones. Dealt with spider mites. Massive leaf burn from neem oil on the leaves causing me to loose 40-50% of my foliage. There finally starting to fill out and now I’m dealing with this. The mother is a fantastic specimen of a plant flowering outdoors at the moment. Just hoping to get these gals straight so I can flip. I’m in week 11 of veg btw. Here’s the mother.

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The chart is petty accurate. Both nitrogen and magnesium are mobile nutrients meaning they show up on older growth first and work their way up. The reason I believe it’s magnesium is I’ve dealt with OF soil and it’s always low in magnesium as is their nutrient line. Plus with them adding some grow big which is nitro heavy.


I think this chart is pretty good. There’s a few deficiencies that look pretty similar. That’s where some of these folks with more experience come in handy. Nitrogen wasn’t really on my radar as I’ve always been told ocean forest is kinda hot.

Thats where the experience comes in handy. Love this forum. I typically stick with autos and layer my ff soils. SF at the bottom OF in the middle and HF at the top. Knock on wood, I’ve only really had to deal with minor nute burn here and there. It seems to me with autos, it’s best to leave them alone and let them do their thing.

Sorry I’m late here, I’m inclined to say these just appear under fed in general. Instead of giving this bottle or that bottle, try a couple feedings of a standard base nutrient mixture.