Help, what kind of pest could be so damaging to my girls?

Autoflower. (GSC). Outdoor grow. Getting decimated by something, not sure what. Any ideas?!
Just seems to just like the leaves. But cleanly decapitates the little branches. I gotta do something pronto. Jacks Dead Bug spray doesn’t seem to help.


For that much growth to be eaten, you’re dealing with a varmint of some kind. Is that the damage at the end of the branches? And the broken branch?

Have you searched for a tomato horned worm? They’re the same color green as plants so kinda hard to find.

Yep, it’s just like some pest had a little micro-machete and made a clean cut before it snacks on my grow. There was a lower broken branch and it is as if the pest just makes a branch cut. Pretty amazing. Have this problem on all 4 plants.
Responding to MH47: I don’t think it’s a horned work. I’ve seen those before on my tomatoes and the Dead Bug Spray is very effective on those.

Could it be a Rabbit or a Deer having a little snack.


I don’t think so. We don’t have deer in our backyard (pretty suburban) and I have never see any little furry bunnies. Our dogs would probably scare them away. Wondering if I should cover the plants with netting to try and prevent this from happening. Lost most of my last crop to caterpillars so a bit discouraged with this new homicidal pest. The pest only eats at night.

Might try surrounding your plant with sticky traps one or two nights and see what you get.

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Definitely a rodent or varmint. But if it’s gnawing them clean off, I’m leaning more towards feline or k9 type of animal. Just my opinion.

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Grasshoppers are what makes clean cuts on mine but I usually see the part cut laying on the ground. If it’s eating them and leaving it’s most likely bunny’s or deer.

Set up a game camera and let’s see what your chupacabra is.


Squirrels and chipmunks will eat anything.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I might try covering the plants with netting and see how that goes. Afraid I could lose another crop. Ugh.

My yard looks like tiny landmines went off from squirrels burying acorns and pecans all over the place. They get major taproots also and are a sonofagun to pull.

The one exposed plant I have has been decimated late season by caterpillars. I also have three plants under netting in a cheap pvc enclosure that have had very little damage by comparison.

Next year I’m going to fit everything under cover.


A dick head friend fucking with you maybe lol the cut branches look really clean never seen anything like it.

yeah, we have plenty of acorns from mature oaks and the squirrels do have their fun in the backyard. I think I’m just going to cover the plants and hope that I can get at least a decent harvest.
Using Monterey BT and Jacks Dead Bug for the Caterpillars, as they trashed my last harvest. And then at the end of Caterpillar infestation, black mites kicked in. Sheesh. This is my 2nd try, and I had high hopes!

Thanks for all the comments and ideas.

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There have been tent growers with dogs and cats and plants with missing parts. Some have been caught doing the deed. Did you say you have dogs?

Don’t even get me started on caterpillars. Been fighting them since day 1. Just got one off of a 28 day old sprout. Good luck with everything!

We had a Black lab that would strip a plant like that then sleep for hours.

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