Help what it can be

help what it can be

Are they outdoor? Could be critters

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It looks like something’s been eating your plant. Look around for bugs.


I found nothing

Any animals around? A cat maybe?


Pretty sure that doesn’t just happen lol. Something had to of eaten it/ fell on it. Is your area well guarded from wild prey? Is there any thing inside your soil near the stem? Have you looked through a camera / scope. I thought nothing was wrong with my plant until looking through a camera and seeing spider mites crawling around.


good morning I was there, I found nothing

is that enough

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In two days they will have 5 weeks

If it was a cat, whole leaves would be gone, that’s more like some sort of bug.

Oh, happy birthday.

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Thank you.

He says there are no bugs, but yeah, it looks like bugs to me too

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I agree. Critters, or maybe funky pH fluctuations in the soil. Little bit of nute burn on the tips, maybe some type of fungus causing the spots. I don’t envy you guys that grow outdoors, on the bugs aspect, anyway. Looks really wet, too. That causes several problems. Is it cool at night?


What does it mean, what do you write. Does it look wrong?

I will not do anything about it?

Just passin’ through and thought I might add, putting DE (Diatomaceous Earth) on the soil. Sometimes the pest will live in the soil and come out only to eat at night. If that is the case , the DE will kill them.

Also, you need to do a very thorough leaf inspection. I have had little bugs be on the leaves and move around so I never saw them. I have also seen bugs jump off one plant onto another.


ok thank you, will plants survive?

Forschung Spinnmilben und Wurzelpilz. Milben sind mit bloßem Auge kaum zu sehen, es sei denn, man prüft Blatt für Blatt stark. Sie hängen gerne auf den Unterseiten der Blätter herum, und sobald ihre Anzahl größer ist, werden sie anfangen, Netze auf der Pflanze zu weben. Die Blattverformung könnte möglicherweise durch einen Wurzelpilz verursacht werden. Ich bin nicht am erfahrensten in Schädlingen, aber diese scheinen mir einige ziemlich gute Möglichkeiten.

Viel GlĂĽck!


I checked the leaf on the leaves. There were only 2 bow ties … I have digged the soil and nothing came out ,and one spider


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