HELP! What is wrong with my leaves?

This is a Bruce Banner feminized that is just entering flowing stage. The plant is in peat moss/perlite medium and fed with fertilizer purchased from ILGM according to their schedule. Plant is in a greenhouse with temps running from around 100F during sunny days to mid 50sF at night. Water is from a well that is fairly limey.

What is your humidity? Looks like some kind of mold. A dilute mix of peroxide/water will get rid of it if so.

Humidity runs from upper 40% to upper 80% on rainy days. Had about a week of very high humidity. Also the problem started at the onset of the flowering stage.

I doubt this has anything to do with it. I would check for bugs too, though I suspect it is a mold due to high humidity.

What ratio of peroxide to water do I use? And if it’s NOT mold, will using the peroxide/water mix hurt the plant?

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Hey @mcdrus
Your temps are too high and deference between low and high is too much. When you say your water supply is limey do you mean it is alkaline? You should check you water and keep it between 6.0 and 7.0.
Looks like you could have nutrient lockout, high heat coupled with flower putting your plants in high stress.
Here’s a guide to checkout to help better diagnose your plants.

Can you upload a picture of your whole plant? Better to deduce issues.

Hope this helps.


Here’s a pic of the whole plant


Looks like some damage due to nute burn from splash when watering. Remainder of the plant looks good. Some dryness but that fluctuates day to day. How often do you need to water?
Perhaps replant in 5 gallon pot?


100 degrees is too hot. Can you get extra fans and maybe block out the sun somehow? Poor girl is sweating during day and shivering at night. Check under leaves and near soil, see if you have any lurking critters. Welcome to your new happy place :blush:

She looks happy besides those older leaves on the bottom. Could be her switching into flower… can you vent your greenhouse so temps don’t build up so high?

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It is vented and has fans. We’re just in a Southern climate. We’ll be putting shades over it shortly.


Hi @mcdrus,

The water dilution to be effective with HP to fight mold is 1:3 with 3% HP

But I am with LateNightGardner and looks like nute burn from a splash, it happens…


Man. That’s a pretty nice looking green u got going tho besides the small spots the rest looks beautiful green. What kind of light u using what kinds of nutes and soil is it. Is it gonna stay in that pot til the end??

Mark, the soil is a peat moss/perlite mix and we’re using ILGM fertilizer and natural sunlight during the day and a standard grow light for 3 hours after sunset

Hey did you find out what it was? I have the same problem on an otherwise healthy plant. I’m also into my first week of flowering and had the humidy reach highs of 80% on a couple days. Don’t think it’s mould though as it hasn’t spread.

Based on a couple of other posts and responses here, thinking it’s a cal/mag deficiency.

Plant looks overall healthy. I’d just remove damaged leave and move to a larger pot. Good luck

Thanks for this it was very helpful. I have a plant similar issues, similar situation, I think mine is slight nute burn from over rich soil and a bit too much water… I have yellow spots as well which I actually think m,ight have been where I got a bit of splash from the Nutes which actually makes more sense. Im very careful with watering now and always water to the edge once in veg.