Help! What is this pest?

I’m starting my outdoor grow (again) after I killed the last two plants last Fall. Anyway, I started with 5 and I’m down to 4 seemingly healthy babies. I’m about to transplant them into larger bag containers. Two are Auto, and two are photo. The soil will be a blend of FFOF and FFHF.

Because of some stormy weather, I’ve had them in the shed under a grow light the last couple days because I didn’t want them out in the weather. When I went to check on them last night, there are these tiny little red bugs crawling all around them. I took a video so you could see. I googled and I’m not sure if they’re harmful or not. Any advice opinions on what to do (or not to do) are appreciated very much! TIA

Hard to see but my first thought was mites. Mite - Wikipedia

Also it’s my understanding that auto’s which is all I grow as a new grower don’t like to be transplanted. I plant mine in the containers they will live in up to harvest.

Good luck with the bugs.

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Looks like spider mites to me but hard to say without a clear picture


Agree spider mites


Yep spider mites for sure.

I’m a noob to weed growing but have been growing herbs outdoors for years and those little buggers are the bane of my existence with herbs

One thing that I can suggest is food grade DE, but others with experience in growing weed might have better suggestions, as DE only works if the bugs crawl through it and it’s not easy herding spider mites where you want them to go


Captain jacjs dead bud. Sns 209 aza max all will work for this stage.

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I use neem oil on my vegetating plants.

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Thanks to all who’ve replied! I tried to post a video but it wouldn’t upload so description is best I could do. Someone said seven dust works but they didn’t know what kind of plant I was growing so not sure if it’ll work on my plants or not.

I’ve heard about the autos not transplanting well also. These will hopefully make it because I have no choice. Was going to be ultra careful but it has to be done. The other two are photos. We shall see, wish me luck! Thanks again all!