Help What is this on my plant

What is this, just one on the whole plant i looked it over

It could be the start of where the Banana comes out …hard to tell at this time watch

Looks like a super fat swollen calyx to me. If it’s of too much concern, snip it off, take it to another room and open it up. If it’s empty with a teeeeeeeny little piece of plant inside I wouldn’t worry. That is what would become a seed. If there is a seed, you probably got pollinated. If there are several tiny pieces of growth, it’s a male flower.

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I’m watching

It’s a blue haze feminized it felt soft its way out on a branch rather than main stalk and I did not see anymore.

If it had trichomes it was a calyx. No worry with it gone, won’t hurt the plant.

It had a seed in it

Autos or photos? It’s not uncommon to find a seed here or there in an auto. Just randomly find one with zero signs of male parts. Photos usually mean a male flower was around. I would do a very thorough look through. Top to bottom.

Oh man…I just had to harvest a plant early because it seeded itself and I didn’t want her to put all her energy into seeds instead of flower so cut my losses and harvest time…she turned out to be a good day smoke